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Perry Cuskey


I've never had a blog before. So this is a first for me. Blogs seem to be all the rage these days, and I've read some here and there on various things. Some are darn good, others, for me at least, not so much. But starting one of my own never really held any great interest for me. Yet here I am, writing a blog. Go figure.

Maybe it's the timing. I recently got my first-ever smartphone, which is a great deal smarter than I am by any measure. But it's pretty fun to use, even if it will be close to next century before I get it all figured out. (Took me five full minutes to figure out how to make my first call on it.) And this is the first new platform for our discussion board in around three years. And it came with free extras. Like, well, blogs.

So I guess it's just a good time for me to be trying new stuff. Including a blog.

No promises about it being anything profound or fancy. Or even relevant or worth reading. And it probably won't be getting regular, breaking-news type updates. More than likely, just whenever something hits me that I think the rest of the world simply cannot live without knowing about where the Civil War is concerned, in here it will go.

I also want to encourage the other board members to explore the idea of starting up their own blog. Doesn't have to be about the war. And you don't even have to own a smartphone first. Just give it a try along with me. If nothing else, we'll have a little fun trying out some of this new technology stuff.

Oh, and about the name, Wrapin About the War. It's a take on my original screen name here on the board - Wrap10. So now I have to explain about that, since it's one of those things you can't live without knowing. Hey, I told you how this was going to work.

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away....wait, wrong movie.

Actually it was back in the late 90's, on a now-defunct online service called Prodigy. Prodigy had their own chat room, which I never used until finally being convinced by other members to try it out. Back in those days everyone had to use their real names on Prodigy, but to enter the chat room you had to pick a screen name. I went through a laundry-list of names, all of which were rejected by the system as already taken. I was just about to give up and leave when on a whim, I tried one more - Wrap10.

I've been a bowler since I was 6, and wrap 10 is a bowling term that describes what happens when a seemingly perfect pocket hit results in you leaving the 10-pin standing. When you thought you were about to get a strike. The pin that would normally take out the 10-pin instead goes flying around it. It's called by various names, some of which aren't really family friendly. But one of the names it goes by is, you guessed it, wrap 10.

So I entered the chat room that evening as Wrap10, and I've been Wrap10 online ever since. And as Paul Harvey might have said, now you know the rest of the story. I'll be back with another entry at some point, but for now, I've got more things to figure out on this darn smartphone. See you next time....


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