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Pvt. Elisha Stockwell Jr., Company I, 14th Wisconsin Infantry

Stan Hutson
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Slightly wounded in the right shoulder at Shiloh on 7 April 1862.  This account of the 2nd day of fighting was given by Stockwell, who had earlier run away from home to join the army, and mentions both his memory of the battle and when he was wounded.

""I want to say, as we lay there and the shells were flying over us, my thoughts went back to my home. I thought what a foolish boy I was to run away to get into such a mess as I was in. I would have been glad to have seen my father coming after me. It is very trying to one's nerves to lay under fire and not be able to do anything in return. But as soon as we were ordered forward, the fear left me, and I went forward with a will, certain we would do them up in a hurry and have this over with.

We were going down hill when someone hit me in the back with his bayonet quite severely. As I supposed it was carelessness, I turned around to give him a piece of my mind, but there lay the poor fellow shot in the forehead. He was drawing his knees up toward his head, also his hands toward his breast, and the blood spurting from the hole in his forehead. I turned and went on...

The road was full for several rods, and I shot for the middle of the crowd and began loading. But as they were getting so close, I looked behind me to see what the rest were doing. I saw the colors going out of sight over the hill, and only two of our men in sight. As I turned to run, I heard several shout, 'Halt!,' But I knew it was the Rebs, and I hadn't any thought of obeying them. I don't think they were over six rods from me. I didn't think they might kill me, but dreaded to be taken prisoner.

The ground looked queer, as though it was boiling, but I didn't think was the cause was until afterwards. I saw a line of men to my left going the same way I was, and some ahead of me. At that instant the bullet cut across my right shoulder, and it burned like a red hot iron. My first thought was my clothes were afire, and I grabbed it with my left hand, and turned my face to the right. I saw John Rhodus behind a big tree, and laughing as though he saw something funny, which riled my temper, but I didn't have time to argue with him."

Stockwell survived, was wounded a 2nd time at Vicksburg.  Promoted to Corporal, he served until the end, being discharged on 9 October 1865 in Mobile, Alabama.

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