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Cpt. Toliver F. Lindsey, "Crystal Springs Guards", Company F, 6th Mississippi Infantry

Stan Hutson
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The story goes that, before the Battle of Shiloh began, Lindsey headed the advice of his Lieutenant and realigned the company so that the older men were in the first attacking line.  Perhaps the two officers hoped to spare the lives of their younger soldiers, but no one could be protected from what was about to happen.  Between 7:45 and 8 a.m. on 6 April 1862, the 6th Mississippi was decimated, primarily by gunfire from the 53rd Ohio Infantry.  When the brief fight ended, 61 soldiers from the 6th Mississippi had been killed or mortally wounded.  Another 269 men including Captain Lindsey, had been wounded.  During the entire Civil War only 3 Confederate regiments, the 1st Texas, 21st Georgia, and 26th North Carolina, suffered higher percentages of casualties in one battle.

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Sword of Col. John J. Thornton, 6th Mississippi Infantry.  Thornton was seriously wounded at Shiloh, causing him to later leave military service in the field.

Col. John J. Thornton sword, 6th Mississippi Infantry, carried at Shiloh.jpg

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