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Lt. Bill A. High, Company E, 7th Tennessee Cavalry Battalion CS

Stan Hutson
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Gen. Prentiss surrendered his sword to Lt. High in the Hornet's Nest when Prentiss' troops were finally compelled to surrender.  Writing about the event, Lt. High wrote,

"When the Confederate right drove back the Federal left I saw that we had got in advance of a portion of the enemy's line to our left.  Believing that the Federals thus cut off would surrender if asked to do so, I immediately rode out leftward in their rear, or rather in their front, as they had turned to fall back, and when I met General Prentiss he handed me his sword, saying: "To whom have I the honor of surrendering?" I accepted his surrender, but handed his sword back to him.

In June 1862 Lt. High resigned his commission citing health issues.


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