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Sgt. Phillip Smith, Company H, 8th Missouri Infantry

Stan Hutson
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Sgt. Phillip Smith, Company H, 8th Missouri Infantry. He wrote about his experiences at Shiloh: ...it is hardly safe to be here in camp the dam boys is shooting all the time thare was a ball struck this tree I set against just now close to me this morning shot Fultons horse in the hind end another shot the 2 Lieutenant Davis with a carbine axidently with thare cursed fooling with thare guns now dam the man that shots me axidently I will kill him & his [friends] if he don’t kill me the first time...” He continues: “Early this Morning we heard the booming of Cannon and the rattle of Musketry in the direction of Pittsburg Landing... we received the News that the rebels were getting the best of our men and were driving them back... The Order came for our Troops here to March to the battlefield... We finally arrived at our place in the line of battle... So the whole Situation is this, Our forces badly licked, Raining like thunder, hearing the cries of the Wounded and a good prospect of being Killed tomorrow makes a very uncomfortable state of affairs for a fellow to try and get some sleep.” “Evening. Well here we are right side up with care and no bones broken! Our forces complete Victors of the field... We were the Victors and the Air was rent with the Wild Jubilant cheers of the men. Soon General Grant rode along the line and was greeted with deafening cheers.”

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