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  1. ive never seen this note before. on page 74 of duke's hx of morgans calvary..he writes that due to his services of recently he(morgan) was given commission of colonel to take effect 4-4-62 .and recieves assurance-or what he constured to be that he was permitted to continue to act independenty and follow his favorite service with stronger force and larger scale. so maybe...with all that was to come over the next few days nobody really knew of his new rank..wonder if the news just took more days to reach lee.
  2. there are some Hariisons that have owned property for a long time ...the roads are around here named after long time land owners
  3. i believe as you write that morgan's squadron was in the rear guard but probably not at fallen timber as i believe duke would have surely mentioned it...the action on the 10th is more liking to the action duke describes.. duke does "embelish" the description of the battle as a victory..the only thing i can come up with is yes the confederate army did stp the federals from approach to corinth ...just a delay.
  4. yes there are many locations where a trail sign could be but they really require a "sponser" and a land owner willing to allow sign placed and provide enuf pulloff space for a vehicle and yearly insurance(which had already paid for itself at Fallen Timbers when it was stolen couple yrs back a new one was put up in a very timely fashion) .also there are locations that could have one that the land owner either doesnt know the history of the location or doesnt care 9
  5. I wanted all to know that the sign has placed in the right spot.I didt want to say anything earlieras it was about a quarter mile on too far toward Pebble Hill. (These signs need to have land owners approval--but where it is placed i can tell you much action took place if you beleive artifacts-)I've got a picture and hope that Perry can receive it and put it here..We had a discussion on site about the battle and locations of the 2 roads and hospital site were pointed out.Mona
  6. yes ive seen several sketches of his not included in the book...kind of a shame they all werent in cluded.
  7. In Basil Duke's History of Morgan's Calvary he writes that" Breckinridge was left as rear guard and withdrew to 3 miles to Mickey's and remained there undisturbed for 5-6 days. Our calvary(Morgan) occupied the ground several miles further north. Morgan's Squadron and other calvary commands were posted for more than a week upon a portion of the field won from the enemy on the first day.,during which only 2-3 trifling skirmishes occured. " so Morgan himself ive never found was present at Fallen Timbers. ill have to check another source as to which of his squadron was presnt but it reads like they were in the vicinity..maybe fallen timbers to them not as fierce a battle as they'd experienced the 2 days call it a squirmish.what do yall think.
  8. Morgan's quick witted wiretapper was George "Lightning " Ellsworth a canadian who had become enamoured of the Confederate cause while he was inTX. i have not read/found that he joined Morgan but later in he was not with Morgan's squadron at Shiloh.
  9. yes these sketches are very graphic.i have this book and highy recommend it
  10. i knew that was a are forgiven
  11. yes one would have to find a role for john wayne..what about matthew mcconaughey as cleburne? imstill struggling for beauregard ,johnston and chalmers(i have an actor in mind but cant think of his name at this time..later) patrick swayze i would have to find a role for him also. do yall remember the john wayne movie.."The Undefeated" it was post was but it was good.
  12. yes..these are priceless! and i know you have more that would love a caption!
  13. this is very interesting article...i tried to like it but a message popped up saying i can only "like" 10 posts per 4 hr hour period...i had not liked 10 yet..has anybody ever come upon that?
  14. This Sunday 5-21 there will be a ceremony at 2pm at the UDC Monument..with a reception at the Church.all that can come are welcome.
  15. These are great!!!
  16. Hamburg Savannah Rd before you drop off into the Owl Creek bottom?
  17. i took another look and did find the 5th cbt...i thought i looked for quite some time but this time i found it./ thanks
  18. ozzy...the gutenburg photos will not come up ?
  19. yes but i dont remember them being there ever until they were placed there a while the seige guns were on the field in 41? wonder why thy were removed?
  20. did yall notice they have only 4 burial trenches marked? and i just cant figure out where the photo gragh was taken of the battery reall close to a road..can yall? maybe the road has moved.
  21. I received this in the mail yesterday and wanted everyone to see... Shiloh thank you card.pdf
  22. I need to know who if any are interested in lighting the luminaries Sat afternoon like we did on the 150th.I need a head count so we can know how much help well have Thanks! Mona
  23. wonderful album! what kind of camera/lens do you have,
  24. Thank you for the BD Wishes and this video!! I faintly recall seeing this but did not know the story behind this film.THANK YOU!! Mona