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  1. Boring letters.

    thanks..i will give this a try
  2. Boring letters.

    Ozzy...do you know how I can print off the Britton Lane section? I will see a gentleman this sat. that lives there and does alot with the battlefield history. Mona
  3. Boring letters.

    these are interesting esp his account of the battle at britton lane
  4. maybe ozzy's home.
  5. T. Hurst remembers...

    ok...because the capt of the alice dean(#1) when Morgan captured her to use as a ferry to cross the ohio in july 1863 was Capt James Pepper. when Morgan was finished the alice dean was burned---there are parts of this packet boat in several museums ..last saw a piece in august in bradenburg ky(if any of yall have not visited this town is worth the trip!!) later a second packet was built and named alice dean. The McCombs was spared from burning as the owner was a good friend of Basil Duke. so far i can not find this gentleman but will continue to research.
  6. Why not just go?

    right...his orders were to wait .and so he did...i believe a bit earlier he got "into it" with Grant over sending some sick men back up north after he had sent them down to the hospital ship at pittsburg landing and they were immediately sent back d/t no room
  7. T. Hurst remembers...

    does it say below the line forced to carry genl morgan over ohio river in raid ? ohio?
  8. Why not just go?

    he would have come out behind the Confederate line of battle
  9. Why stay at Crumps?

    maybe to keep him at at distance...wallace had acted on his own decision earlier that made grant upset.
  10. West Point at Shiloh

    Wallace arrived at Crump 3-11-62 and was ordered by halleck to raid M&O between Bethel Stn and Corinth. He was to remain at Crump Landing for several reasons: 1- to guard over a large amount of supplies that were there 2-continue to watch the Confederate troops around Purdy 3-keep the river open so Grant will not get cut off 4-and to advance to Corinth on a different road
  11. David W. Reed's brother

    it's a wonder that he did not have his brother reburied at Shiloh...i wonder which cemetery at jackson..will have to work on that.
  12. Wicker

    HI Ron!!!
  13. West Point at Shiloh

    well this 2nd manual is a puzzle...i did find one volunteer manuakl but the author --dewitt clinton baxter of penn. is not a wedt point grad...so i will keep digging.
  14. West Point at Shiloh

    question # 2 --is one Hardee's tactical book?
  15. Epic Trek 2017: Update

    yeah..but some of us did this hike last april.
  16. 19th Alabama pre-Shiloh letter

    sad to learn he survived the war only to be killed by a horse thief not long after coming home..
  17. This Sunday 5-21 there will be a ceremony at 2pm at the UDC Monument..with a reception at the Church.all that can come are welcome.
  18. 19th Alabama pre-Shiloh letter

    did he survive? and live in the land ruled by the north or go to south america?
  19. Maysville, Kentucky and Shiloh Generals

    the 2 generals you ask of...lived in maysville during the war just at some time...i do know that nick clooney is from there...i think ive got the answer but will await your reply.
  20. Epic Trek 2017: Update

    well i hate to learn this....i know beauregard misses coming..maybe next year.
  21. West Point at Shiloh

    i had robertson down also but question asked for i do i choose kelly because years ago i with some others followed him in battle here.this is a good site and i am figuring out slowly so hopfully will have other answers but everybody else...chime in if youve got them.
  22. Epic Trek 2017: Update

    are yall not going to be able to come this year?
  23. West Point at Shiloh

    thanks...#1 McPherson 2-Beauregard 3-Halleck #4 Thomas Worthington 46th Ohio # 5 Major John Kelly 9th Ark working on the others...
  24. West Point at Shiloh

    do i need to have all the answers at one post?