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  1. General William T. Sherman Sean Penn.
  2. I have never considered "Federal Special Forces" in the Civil War before. Here is an interesting little site: http://www.military-historians.org/meetings/2013-meeting/JohnDowdle.pdf
  3. Beauregard Road.
  4. This post reminded me of why studying the Civil War can get so confusing. The Army of Mississippi (CSA) is often referred to as The Army of the Mississippi, which is easy to confuse with the Union's Army of the Mississippi.
  5. The 14th WI was not at Shiloh prior to the battle but came down with Buell for the 2nd day. After the battle they camped off the battlefield (not a pleasant place by then) to the west.
  6. Well Doc, then I guess they needed a better gate!
  7. Darn, I thought it was shaping up to be dueling epics.
  8. I always thought there was a wharf at Cherry Mansion, but :
  9. I went to Google Images and looked at the picture: It does look like reeds.
  10. The drawing seems to show the landing road winding up the bluff on the south side of the cabin. The modern landing is in the cut to the north. There also looks be be a large gate at the building. Further up the road near the tree there seems to be another structure of some type. Are those reeds in the river's edge, or a reflection of the trees? Is that a wash tub and drying rack along the shore to the right of the landing? Great drawing!
  11. I was curious as to the fixed nature of a wharf also. In WI, piers and wharves on rivers are of the floating type that can be removed before the river ices over.
  12. Ron, the land of the Quaker cannon where you first revealed the existence of the Raging Flock of Bulls will be becoming part of the Park in the future. Doc Patterson is selling it to the Civil War Trust.
  13. Glad to be of service. And now I learned something. I always thought when it was said Reid was "miles away" during the "bayoneted in their tents", he was in Cincinnati Ohio. At least he heard the guns. When I stopped to get the pictures, the restaurant was closed (Monday). I saw a couple in the back hauling out garbage, so I overcame my extreme shyness and asked if they had any info on the wharf. They knew zero of the areas connection to the war (I'd be willing to bet some kind of structure was on that bluff even then). I promised to come back if I found any info. HHHMMMM Free dinner? My favorite price! Be kind cool to find an old photo of the wharf!
  14. I was asked to locate the wharf at Crump where Grant stopped by to talk to Wallace on the 6th. According to Ranger Joe the wharf was at the bottom of the boat ramp next to River Heights Restaurant. https://www.google.com/maps/@35.2148259,-88.3112806,159m/data=!3m1!1e3
  15. In the spring of 1864, the 16th WI recruited 4 new companies to refill their ranks. One young Lt. wrote a lot of letters that are now in the UNC's collection. It cost me $125 to have then digitized and sent them to me. Came out to be 189 MB of data, about 400 pages. I became aware of their existence in the bibliography of a book. Digitizing seemed a little less expensive than driving to North Carolina.