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  1. Shiloh Visit - April 29, 2017

    Pretty close, Perry. I think I like your shot better than mine.
  2. Shiloh Visit - April 29, 2017

    Ozzy, the photo you are referring to is the 14th Missouri camp tablet. It is located just off Hwy 22, directly across from the main entrance to the park. Interestingly, the Shiloh Monument Locator website apparently has no record of the 14th Missouri camp marker - at least I could not find it. The only Missouri Infantry units shown are the 13th, 18th, 21st, 23rd, 25th, and 28th (Federal > Missouri > Infantry > Unit).
  3. Shiloh Visit - April 29, 2017

    Thanks, Ozzy, for your kind words. I could not find a marker for the 14th WI camp but the April 7th tablets for that unit indicate that they were engaged in the area of the Eastern Corinth Road. If you've not used it, THIS is an excellent resource for identifying tablets, monuments, etc, and include exact GPS coordinates.
  4. Shiloh Visit - April 29, 2017

    Mona, I have a Nikon D300 and used both a Nikon 70-200 f2.8 VR2 and a Tamron 28-75 f2.8 zoom lenses. I have other lenses but these are the two I used for these photos.
  5. I made a day trip to Shiloh this past Saturday to do a little photography. Photos are HERE if anyone is interested. ~Ed
  6. David Greenspan Illustrator

    I grew up reading the American Heritage / Catton book from my dad's extensive collection. The text, photos, and illustrations were my primary point of reference in those early years (1960s).
  7. Fort Donelson Hike Update

    Wow! Thanks for the update, Mona. I will give it another try.
  8. hi wanted to let you know i called them and figured out what happened call back..my post in the hike section has the details of what happened see you in nov mona

  9. Fort Donelson Hike Update

    Just called Dover Inn and was told that they will not be taking reservations for November until mid-August.
  10. Epic Trek 2015: Stragglers Edition

    Ditto everything that Perry and Michele said. I've learned more about Shiloh by participating in the past two years' hikes than in the previous half-century's visits, many of which were hikes with my dad back in the 1970s. If you've never gone on one of Tim's battlefield adventures, you are missing an incredible experience. 2015 EPIC TREK PHOTOS
  11. Why Shiloh Matters

    How might the Civil War have been different without Grant's and Sherman's leadership? Therein lies a great deal of "why Shiloh matters". Had Johnston's army prevailed, Grant and Sherman, even if they had survived the battle and escaped capture, would surely be minor footnotes in the history of the war.
  12. 2015 Fall Hike Ideas

    Really like the history-of-the-park, artillery, and photography ideas. I wonder if the themes of artillery and photography could be combined into one hike. Something I learned from having hiked the Boy Scout artillery trails in years past is that there was a wide variety of artillery used at Shiloh, particularly on the Confederate side. It might be interesting to discuss the different types, what types of rounds might be used in different situations, and so on, while visiting examples of the different rifled and smoothbore pieces and to visit those places where artillery was decisive (I'm thinking of Grant's Last Line and Ruggles Battery, primarily). Battlefield photography very often includes a cannon or two, and an artillery-focused (pardon the pun) hike would be a good opportunity to improve our skills.
  13. Epic Trek with Tim 2014

    Very nice, Michele. Thanks for sharing!
  14. Epic Trek with Tim 2014

    Had an *incredible* day of hiking, learning, and making new friends with Tim Smith and the "SDG Gang". It was my first such adventure, although not my first Shiloh visit, by any means. Already making plans for next year! I normally bring a little better camera gear to the park but, after reading Perry's dire warnings about the terrain we were to cover (and he wasn't kidding!), I decided to just live with the limitations of smartphone photography to keep weight to a minimum. At any rate, following are a few representative photos from the day's travels and a link to the full gallery: All Photos Here: http://melissaewertzphotography.smugmug.com/Ed-Wertz-Associate/Shiloh-Epic-Trek-2014
  15. Epic Trek with Tim 2014

    I've cleared with the Big Boss (wife-of-me) and submitted payment this morning. See you guys in November.