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    CD says it was basically a cattle pond. Probably hogs, too, right, CD? The thing that strikes me is how desperate the men must have been to drink from a cattle/hog pond. I have cattle and a pond on my property. Believe me, cattle and hogs aren't exactly the world's most pristine creatures. I'd have to be awfully desperate to drink after them. Transylvania, you're right about ponds. It took 30-40 years for mine to fill up. However, ponds are pretty important, so landowners usually take care of them. (Fortunately, I had a neighbor with a bulldozer.) I just can't get past the striking picture of desperation painted by the notion of a bloody pond. Memoirs of soldiers indicate that wounded soldiers experienced extreme thirst, extreme enough to drink from a cattle/hog pond. When I look at my pond, I can't help but see the desperation of the soldiers at Shiloh. Transylvania, thanks for raising the question. It's great to get a conversation going. John
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