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    The drive down to Shiloh didn't lift my spirits as it usually does each spring. Instead of seeing increasing green as I travelled south, I had to wait until almost to Shiloh to see any at all. It did green up nice the week I was there, tho. Stacy Allen said the cold winter and cool, wet spring with it's late foliage was just like it was during the spring of 1862. This is marker #355 Anderson's Brigade at the hornets Nest. Note the marker in the woods, #419 for the 7th and 2nd Ark and the 3rd Conf. Inf. I don't ever remember seeing so far into the woods in past years. Another example: Note the WI Mon. and marker in the background. It's common knowledge how the rains slowed the Rebel advance on the 4th &5th, but was the weather also against the Rebs by allowing better lines of fire due to little foliage on the 6th? Were the Yanks at an equal disadvantage during their attack on the 7th? These questions need to be explored by those with greater knowledge than I possess (Tom, Bjorn?). I do know the farmers used to burn the fields each spring, which would increase visibilty in some areas. Jim
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    Very cool, I was actually talking to Michelle about those that I saw on the hikes and was inquiring about them. They looked neat & pretty handy to have out there when we take our Trailhead map out with us.
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