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    Hello, I am a long time amateur student of the battle. Shiloh is my favorite battle to study and my favorite park to visit. Every time I am joyful entering the park and always sad as I exit. My 3rd great grandfather lived in the Eastern half of Hardin County (District 14, 1860 Census). He and a g-uncle were in Russell's Co. B, 52nd Tennessee Inf. Research I have done on company B shows that many of these men including Captain Russell were from Hardin County. 'Home Turf' could be part of the reason company B stayed and fought in the ranks of the 5th Miss. Inf. I would have loved to have been present on Tim Smith's tour following Chalmer's Brigade route this past fall. Spain Field is one of my favorite spots to visit, I guess because it was the beginning for Chalmer's Brigade and the men's first taste of battle. I always try to imagine what the men's thoughts and emotions were as they went across that field on the morning of April 6. Other Shiloh family history includes a g-uncle from Rutherford Co.,Tn. who was present with the 45th Tenn. Reg't. Two other family members from Gibson Co.,Tn served in the 12th Tenn Reg't. I look forward to viewing the history that has been and continues to be collected here. Thanks for having me.
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