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    Although glossing over many points,....conceded....I believe Burns does a fine job marrying pictures, voices, sounds and commentary. Certain of the actors impressions of voices remain with me every time I read something concerning ACW. The voice of Lee is compelling, and Forrest; and Sam Watkin's voice makes me laugh so much i find it hard to think of him sounding any other way. The format was obviously a big hit, because other Burn's efforts have not deviated one iota from the style and content first realised in this series. Now all we need is something on SHILOH for the purists. I'm not sure that Burns actually gave much to the true role of Shiloh in determining attutudes, tactics, and the effect the results had on strategy in the Western theater, but no matter, it brought alive a subject matter that can be there for genrations to come, which was it's entire reasoning to begin with, for the children of today and tomorrow. The very last episode actually brought a tear to my eye...no lie. Joshua Chamberlain describing his last reunion as "A trancendental experience" hit home hard, and made me wonder why a film such as "Gettysburg" could portray an obviously over-educated and very thoughtful humanitarian like Chamberlain as a mustachio chewing doofus just going along for the ride. Just on that same film, "Gettysburg", I also thought Martin Sheen was miscast as Robert E. Lee. Lee was NOT a typical "southren boy" as Martin made him out to be. Lee, to my mind, had more in common with the uprightness and aristocratic 'airs' that are often acscribed to George Washington. "Noble countenance" is the phrase normally used, and Martin should have done his homework. On the other hand, Sam Elliot's portrayal of Cavalry General John Buford, chuckling in the tower of the Lutheran Theological Seminary was just perfect...and if not, then Buford as he would have liked to be seen. Not much credit is ever given to the command performance of Buford, who damned near set the entire battle on it's head, IF the situation had developed as he would have liked it. Christopher
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    This would all depend on how certain Pierre was of Wallace's location and time. What about straggling? Confederate forces must have appeared very strung out by this stage. Some troops sitting in captured campsite, some tending wounded, others making their way to and fro. It all sounds like a bit of a mess. Beauregard's desire, in my view, to "finish off" Grant indicates that his intelligence of wallace's movements was not as sound as we beleive. Or, that he gained the impression that Wallace wasn't turning up at all!! and then theres the issue of the sheer strength of the Union position around Pittsburg. Confederate forces had spent much of the afternoon frontally assaulting positions. they'd just tried it one more time, and been repulsed. Any NEW commander, as Pierre was to the job, (he'd only been in it for a matter of hours), would most likely, call a halt, Johnston had been trying to prove his critics incorrect, and had paid the price for impetuosity, and for personally leading troops into battle. Beauregard, iIm sure, was mindful of not committing the command mistakes of Johnston, so called a halt, simply on the assumption that "Discretion is the better part of valour" And can't you imagine Beauregard's aides saying to Pierre.... "Not again!, Sir I don't know where half of my units ARE! Were hungry, and our wounded are swamping the field! Lets collect ourselves, and have some 'sloosh'...please?"
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    Welcome SJ. It helps to be at least a little crazy to hang out on this site with these zanies. I do believe I'm the only normal one. As far as a place for questions, the Campfire forum is a good bet. Jim
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    Welcome SJ! Just found your book on Amazon . . . may have to check it out soon.
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    Just for clarification, the hike which I will not be leading was doing to deal with Trabue's Brigade. I hope to lead the Trabue's Brigade hike in the November 2016 Epic Hike Weekend Gala. I have been wanting to understand the actions of Pond's Brigade so maybe I'll take that one up in 2017.