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    Jim, Thanks very much Jim. Yes, I'm still interested in the local civilians of the time of the battle. I just finished reading a article about this topic last week but reading this article reminded me of how much I have forgot. I really don't like to do that because it was such a effort to accumulate the information the first time. I'm not getting younger. If you can contact the grandson Wicker again, I am interested in talking to him about the family. I appreciate your continued interesting the subject. I'm curious as to is older, you or me. If you are 80 or older, you lose. Did you see my post about the camp of the 16th Wisconsin being moved. During some work on the battlefield after the war, the road was moved to allow a clearer line of sight. Don't remember when this was. I posted it on the group web site. Let me know and I will post it again. I wish it was me that moved to Shiloh instead of you. If you need shoveling snow, don't call me. Thanks Ron
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