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    Jim, Thanks very much Jim. Yes, I'm still interested in the local civilians of the time of the battle. I just finished reading a article about this topic last week but reading this article reminded me of how much I have forgot. I really don't like to do that because it was such a effort to accumulate the information the first time. I'm not getting younger. If you can contact the grandson Wicker again, I am interested in talking to him about the family. I appreciate your continued interesting the subject. I'm curious as to is older, you or me. If you are 80 or older, you lose. Did you see my post about the camp of the 16th Wisconsin being moved. During some work on the battlefield after the war, the road was moved to allow a clearer line of sight. Don't remember when this was. I posted it on the group web site. Let me know and I will post it again. I wish it was me that moved to Shiloh instead of you. If you need shoveling snow, don't call me. Thanks Ron
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    Thomas Waldsmith, in his book General James B. McPherson The Star-Crossed Knight Of the Union, states "General Grant ordered McPherson to design a line of defense at Pittsburg Landing. McPherson and Colonel Webster agreed the position was not conducive for entrenchments. The close proximity of the river and the terrain required the defensive line be built behind the ground Grant's troops would occupy. On their advice, Grant decided not to take up defensive positions. He believed the young, untested troops would be better served by drilling and marching rather than entrenching." I checked Waldsith's reference (Grant's Memoirs, vol.1 pg 332) and it's in there. This raises two questions with me: 1) Is there any other evidence Grant received such advice (or was he just scapegoating years after the fact)? I've been looking, including in the O.R.s, and haven't found any? 2) If Grant did get such advice from McPherson and Webster, did he react properly to that advice? Should he have moved his army to a better defensive position? Put in at least what defenses he could (some being better than none)? Jim
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