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    Ozzy...... As you well Know, if you are a true student of the Civil War, you make it your business to know the obscure. I've probably visited just about every civil war monument in Pennsylvania, Maryland and Virginia, not to mention quite a few in Western Theater states. I'll try to do better in the future! THE MANASSAS BELLE
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    No, I am sorry, Manassas Belle... but your answer is not complete. You must explain how you became acquainted with such an obscure memorial, so far off the beaten path. [As an example of an acceptable answer: "I had never heard of the Gathland Memorial Arch. One afternoon in January 2018, while reviewing a book of Famous War Correspondents, reference was encountered on page 375 to the curious monument created by George Alfred Townsend -- who submitted his battle reports under pen name "Gath" -- and subsequent details, including an image, were uncovered on Wikipedia."] Hoping for better results in future Ozzy
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