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    Well, I found the following website: https://www.wisvetsmuseum.com/exhibits/permanent-exhibits/ The Wisconsin Veterans Museum. Found a bunch of Wisconsin images, soldiers killed and wounded at Shiloh, and at Corinth as well. I will be adding them to my photo album, but they have a great collection of 16th Wisconsin Infantry photos (Jim did you know about this?!?!?!??!!?!?!?) Most of the images are from Company E, 16th Wisconsin. That company really took a beating at Shiloh, amazing to have so many images from that one company. But, again, will be posting those images soon. Neat website, would be nice to visit the museum itself. Check out the picture of the museum, I love how they incorporated the mannequins and the mural together. I have yet to surf the rest of the sight to see what else they have available online.