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    Thank You Ozzy, ---Your help is appreciated! Two heads are better than one, or three or five! On the 12th Illinois, I have the complete history on this-- wagons of blue uniforms distributed the morning of April 6th. The same situation could have involved the 9th Illinois Infantry. Some of them still in gray, but am not done with that research. On the Blue uniformed Louisiana troops, yes.-- They came up from New Orleans dressed in blue jackets and gray trousers-- not a great uniform appearance for Shiloh. Working on that one too. Just found some more descriptions on their appearance during the Battle. On the 40th Illinois and the 2 Ohio Regiments not being properly uniformed-- FILL ME IN ON THOSE-- Still working on Ohio Quartermaster operations for the Fall of 1861- Spring of 1862. The Flags, I have notes, but have not yet dug into those. The Regiment told to reverse their jackets, I have that somewhere-- but FILL ME IN on that too! The Union Army did have three Zouave Regiments at Shiloh. The 11th Indiana still dressed in gray at Shiloh, according to one veteran. The 53rd and 54th Ohio were in Zouave type uniforms at Shiloh. McArthurs' Brigade wore Scottish tams into Battle. The Confederate were said to have a number of Zouave Companies in their ranks from Louisiana. The Washington Artillery-- and other Artillery units had distinctive uniforms. On the Scouts-- a white band attached to the hat or arm, was also used in Missouri by Union Home Guard Companies, so ordered by General Lyon himself to distinguish them from the Missouri State Guard. Thank You Again for your help. Tom
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    Oh please dont get Jim started again!
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