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    Those troops were Louisiana soldiers who from letters, received from their Governor, new dark blue uniforms. They were either in the Crescent Regiment or one of the other Louisiana Regiments-- I have the notes, but not handy right now. Also, The early Louisiana units in New Orleans adopted blue uniforms and red caps back in April-May 1861-- Did they have these outfits almost a year later-- maybe-- They were encamped in cities on the Coast which would have enabled them to take care of and store this clothing. The Great Appeal for clothing for the LA. volunteers over the winter of 61-62' was in full swing as well. So a combination of uniforms and donated clothing? I would say it happened-- so why not... The Black uniforms-- a poorly dyed cloth will show up black in the shade... or look like black from a distance. Thanks Again-- Ozzy! As you can attest, this uniform stuff is not easy to find-- Maybe, that is why we dont have a set of comprehensive notes available for us... Tom
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