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    A little off topic... As mentioned earlier (post of 5 January 2018) U.S. Grant "tagged along" with the Jo Daviess Guards to Springfield, and provided that company with training along the way. And when it became evident that the Guards of Augustus Chetlain would become part of the last of the Illinois regiments -- the 12th Illinois -- it always struck me as curious that Grant never made a play for the colonelcy of that regiment. At least, I could never find evidence of any attempt to put U.S. Grant in command of the 12th Illinois Volunteers... until now. In a paper read before Members of the Loyal Legion of the United States (MOLLUS) -- Illinois Commandery -- on 2 DEC 1885, Augustus Chetlain has this to say: "Once we were all together at Camp Yates, I suggested to the company officers (of the 12th Illinois) that Captain Grant was a suitable man for the colonelcy of the regiment. And the suggestion was favorably received. However, a prominent and influential politician of the State, who had aspirations of his own, strenuously opposed Grant's election, on the grounds "that an officer who had been forced to leave the Army on account of his "personal habits" was not a safe man to be intrusted with command of a regiment." I found it impossible to overcome the objection, and Grant's name was dropped. When the election took place, Captain John McArthur was elected over his only other competitor, Captain J. D. Webster. And I (Augustus Chetlain) was chosen Lieutenant Colonel without opposition." The rest of the story... Ozzy Reference as sited (page 15).
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