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    i cant figure out how to access this report...
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    Of course, the establishment of the National Military Parks is interconnected with the earlier creation of National Cemeteries: [Chicago Daily Tribune of 10 SEP 1866, page 1 col.4] Major Whitman and the National Cemeteries In December 1865, Edmund Burke Whitman was reassigned from Quartermaster duties with the Department of the Tennessee and tasked with “the Special Duty of Inspecting battlegrounds, cemeteries and other locations in the former Confederate States where Union dead are interred.” That duty subsequently evolved whereby Massachusetts-native (and Harvard-educated) Major Whitman became partially responsible for the selection of sites for National Cemeteries. [It is recorded that Whitman’s criteria for National Cemeteries included: “favourable conditions for ornamentation, in close proximity to scenes of historical interest (with ease of access) in order to encourage friends and family of the deceased to [visit or make pilgrimage]” – U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs: National Cemetery Administration.] As is already known, General Montgomery Meigs is responsible for selection of Robert E. Lee’s former home at Arlington as the First National Cemetery, and in June 1865 Quartermaster Meigs ordered the compilation of a Roll of Honor listing every Union soldier buried in vicinity of Washington, D.C. (with particular attention paid to Arlington National Cemetery.) The desire to expand this Honor Roll beyond the Nation’s Capital is likely what drove the selection of Major Whitman to conduct his inspections in Tennessee, Kentucky, Alabama and Georgia, and better memorialize Union war dead in those States. For more information on Major Whitman and his involvement with Shiloh National Cemetery: http://www.cem.va.gov/cem/history/timeline/timeline-1865.asp National Cemetery Administration (scroll down) http://quod.lib.umich.edu/c/clementsmss/umich-wcl-M-1738whi?rgn=main;view=text Edmund Whitman Papers [In above link, scroll to 5 SEP 2018 post by Hank.]
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    Good job Tony. And yeah, thanks for posting these. I watch your videos over and over again (best thing there is besides actually being at Shiloh)
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