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    http://www.historynet.com/a-frolic-up-the-tennessee.htm#prettyPhoto Image of Lt. Seth Ledyard Phelps, US Navy. He commanded the Tyler, Lexington, and Conestoga on their naval raid after the fall of Fort Donelson. Neat article on naval activity setting the stage for the Battle of Shiloh.
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    Tigress Passengers, Savannah to Pittsburg Landing, 6 April 1862 Although Major General U. S. Grant heard the unmistakable booming of artillery at 7:11 on Sunday morning, his flagship, the Tigress, did not depart Savannah until 8 - 8:15 a.m. (and Don Carlos Buell reported at the Cherry Mansion between 8 - 8:30, likely missing General Grant by mere minutes.) Aboard the Tigress: Captain Alfred B. Hopkins (in command of the Tigress) Grant Marsh called this man "Perkins" 3 - 6 crew members (names unknown) MGen U.S. Grant Commander, Army of West Tennessee Captain John Rawlins AAG to General Grant Captain W.S. Hillyer ADC to General Grant (arrived at Savannah just hours earlier from St. Louis aboard Minnehaha) Captain William Rowley ADC to General Grant Paymaster Douglas Putnam, Jr. VADC to General Grant (civilian contractor acting as paymaster) Wayne H. Parsons Telegraph operator (arrived five hours earlier from Tipton, Missouri) Leander H. Parker Telegraph operator (arrived five hours earlier from Paducah office of Military Telegraph) orderlies to General Grant (names unknown, but reported by Grant Marsh) Staff to General Grant (more staff officers than those listed, identities to be posted as their presence verified) Grant Marsh Mate aboard John J. Roe, riding south to return to his steamer at Pittsburg Landing Frank Borden Carpenter aboard John J. Roe, riding south to return to his steamer Major William C. Carroll AAG to BGen John Logan (then at Fort Donelson); Carroll also a reporter for Chicago Tribune Sergeant Wm S. Busbey Member of 1st Kentucky Infantry, Co.C; Busbey also a reporter for Ohio newspaper (TBD) Private Hamilton Busbey Member of 1st Kentucky Infantry, Co C horses at least six, and perhaps as many as twenty There are reports that the Tigress encountered a steamer bearing a messenger from Pittsburg Landing, shortly after departing Savannah. If this is true, then the identity of this steamer is the John Raine (TBD). The Tigress nosed into Crump's Landing alongside MGen Lew Wallace's commissary boat -- Jesse K. Bell -- (also termed a "wharf boat") at between 8:30 and 8:45. After directing Wallace to "Wait in readiness for orders..." the Tigress backed away, into the channel, and continued south. Unknown to most, a new passenger had taken the opportunity to climb aboard: Whitelaw Reid reporter for Cincinnati Gazette, Reid had been staying with MGen Lew Wallace. The Tigress encountered the steamer, John Warner, 15 - 30 minutes after departing Crump's Landing. The messenger relayed his report from BGen WHL Wallace to General Grant. Then the John Warner rounded to, and followed Grant's flagship south. Tigress is recorded by USS Tyler as arriving at Pittsburg Landing at 9:30. General Grant and his staff rode off the steamer, and galloped up the bluff... N.B. While trying to track down information IRT Captain Hopkins (who is said to have had many chats with General Grant during MAR/ APR 1862) ran across his entry at find a grave: https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/31601670/william-hopkins
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