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    Joe Would it not seem odd, that an officer would gain significant promotion... and not tell anyone? Keep that promotion to himself; not release a "Special Orders" informing the men in his command; but instead, save that news for a specific instance... when it would have ultimate impact: to impress another officer (who until very recently was the ranking Brigadier General of the two.) How would that other officer, formerly superior (even at West Point) now find "the tables turned," confronted by the recipient of "such GREAT NEWS." I have yet to find Brigadier General Buell's direct response (although subsequent reactions to that "great news, shared," abound.) Personality conflict, writ large... Ozzy N.B. In terms of Chess (check.) And in terms of Poker (dominate.)
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    it does read as if the writer knows the future days ahead better than the officers located there...by commenting that a battle is imminent..they were thinking to use pittsburg landing as a staging area for approach of their goal at Corinth.And mentioning the Federal troops are Sanguine a victory..he writes of the battle all ready won....maybe this was very hopeful thinking to be used to put all who read that there will be a victory and sorta "overlook" the immense casulities that are coming??????This report is very puzzling.
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