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    Then again, I don't know how much that time mattered. The Confederates were disorganized, thus part of the reason they stopped. Had they continued on the attack, being so disorganized, I venture that the disorganization would have caused even more ill coordinated attacks, and potentially, disaster for the Confederates, if that makes sense.
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    I would say the time from when CS troops stopped in the Federal camps until the attacks resumed, esp. on the Confederate center and right.
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    have you read where Grant did not have his time piece with him.I read this a few days ago.
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    hi--! saw yesterday where I hope it's you had posted that you are bringing a college group down this weekend?If so let me know you're schedule and I can tag catch up with youall and tag along .Always learn someting on every group hike I can attend and sat are good fro Iam off after midday and can start up with you after youre lunch break so please let me know. Mona
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