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    Tennessee River Valley in April 1862. The above map of the Tennessee River appeared in the 12 April 1862 edition of Harper's Weekly, before word of the Battle of Shiloh reached the New York editor of that illustrated publication. The map is interesting for what is included: Paducah and Smithland at the far north, with Cairo, Bird's Point, Columbus, Belmont and Island No.10 away to the west. Proceeding south up the Tennessee River, Fort Henry, the crossing of the MC & L R.R. at Danville, and the sites of Savannah, Hamburg and Florence are indicated. Not marked: the line of the Mobile & Ohio R.R. north of Corinth; Cerro Gordo (site of capture of CSS Eastport); Pittsburg Landing; Crump's Landing. Although brief report of the Battle of Pittsburg Landing would find its way into the April 19th edition, the map would not be updated until the 26 April edition.
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    I found my reference regarding date of rank. The ranking officers, with dates of rank, are Winfield Scott Major General Regulars 25 June 1861 George B McClellan Major General Regulars 14 May 1861 John C Fremont Major General Regulars 14 May 1861 Nathaniel P Banks Major General Volunteers 16 May 1861 John A Dix Major General Volunteers 16 May 1861 Benjamin F Butler Major General Volunteers 16 May 1861 That's an impressive list of officers and shows great perspicacity on the part of the Administration in their selection.
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    In my dotage I realize that my former log-held belief that I understood the U.S. system was seriously flawed. For example, my local town council recently voted to allow retail sales of marijuana. At the start of the session they all rose and spoke, with hands over hearts, the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the United States...one nation, under God, indivisible... Two flags were in the room, one the Stars and Stripes, the other the State Flag of Illinois. They faced the former. The latter was not mentioned. Then they proceeded to pass an Ordinance that makes them all parties to a Federal felony (actually, it was a 6-5 vote). Eleven states have joined mine in this succession. We tried this States' Rights thing once before. That time it ended badly. We live in dangerous times, as also had been the case for our predecessors.
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    Brexit to take effect on 31 JAN 2020 Three and a half years ago the British People voted in a referendum to leave the organization known as the European Union. The reasons that led to that binding poll included 1) corrupt over-production of Euros by some member States of the EU; 2) flood into the Euro-zone of "Syrian refugees" (who were not from Syria), all of whom seemed intent upon gaining sanctuary in the UK (with their passage north through the Euro-zone facilitated by EU States); 3) the growing distaste in the UK for Laws enacted by the European Parliament which were contrary to established British Laws (even judged superior to 1000 years of English Common Law.) These EU laws appeared arbitrary and spiteful to the British people; 4) the UK was deemed a "financial power" within the EU and was obligated by Acts of the European Parliament to contribute an ever larger share of the management cost of the European Union. Along the way to Brexit, there were three changes of National Leader in the UK (with one leader, Theresa May, intent on overturning the will of the People and negating the results of the Brexit vote. She was replaced through UK parliamentary procedure by Boris Johnson, who promised to abide by the original Brexit vote.) Late in 2019 Boris Johnson was forced to call an early National Election, which was effectively a Second Referendum on Brexit. The British voters returned the Boris Johnson Government to power with an increased majority, fully displaying support for the Exit of Great Britain from the European Union... and that Exit (known as Brexit) takes place at the end of January. Many Civil War researchers and Historians ask: "Could the Southern States have enacted a bloodless Secession?" The example of Brexit demonstrates that such a secession is possible (was possible), but consider: the TIME required to make the exit effective (3 1/2 years) required extraordinary patience; the UK did not threaten violence if their attempt to secede from the EU failed; the European Union has no United Army of Europe. Member States have their own defense forces (at the present time; there is an intention by the EU to establish a United Army of Europe, likely based on the NATO model.) Without a United Army of Europe, the EU could not "coerce" the UK to remain within the organization; Nations across the globe (USA, Canada, India, Australia) look forward to the opportunities presented by a "seceded" Britain, particularly new trade deals. SDG members have "lived through" a bloodless secession. Was it possible for the Secession attempted in 1860/ 61 to have been accomplished without resorting to War? Reference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zQKotbNVTyE "England waves GOODBYE to European Union"
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