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    basil duke became editor of this publication..
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    ok i have gone to the Park..t. Arnold and T Smith helped me..both the 5th oh cav and 72nd oh inf were involved in a skirmish on the 4th with rebel cav...location?? maybe they used crump landing as they only knew of that location where they were based out of at that time? buckland does mention action with the rebels in his or report on the 4th..
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    OK Stop2--we drove down Hwy 22 to where the gift store is.This was the site of a hospital set up and soldiers on both sides were receiving care.Sherman sent a few of 4th Ill down corith rd thruogh Seay field--to this area near a cotton gin.They then left to seay field again where they met up with a small # of Confedreate calvary who chased them as they returned to their pickett line.This brought forth panic in the camps-I suppose that the troop ere very jumpy as to what they'd been trough the past couple days.The panic stricken men fled in the direction of Pittsburg Landing.After a while when nerves were settled they figured out that the Confederate troops were not attacking.The soldiers in camp were trying to just bury their dead and burn the dead horses.We loading back up to the next stop. Stop3-"The Forks" This is down now 22 just at the Hardin-McNairy co. line.we drove to park in the Church of Christ Parking Lot and carefully walked up the highway as there is not any parking at the campsite of Albert Sidney Johnson (pre battle)This is the site of the well known meeting-where ASJ knowing the union troops were somewhat confined within the swampy bottms of Lick-Owl-Snake creek and the Tennessee river.it was here he spoke the well known staement--"The enemy can provide no longer front than can I.I would fight them if they were a million.Several roads came to junction here.They after noon of the 8th sherman advanced slowly to this area--woos and his troop went alonG on fork and dickey took the Bark rd.Buell couldnt/didnt pursue as they left all their supply wagons in Waynesboro to hurry up the advance earlier.(any correction or additions are welcomed.)To be continued I promise in a more timely fashion.
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