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    Here is a list of Confederate units at Shiloh that did not turn in official reports. I did not include those reports that were brief, incomplete, or merely a list of losses, commendations, condemnations. Underneath certain units are notes, including other possible sources of information. ALABAMA 17th Alabama The Seventeenth Alabama Infantry: A Regimental History and Roster by Illene D. Thompson and Wilbur E. Thompson 31st Alabama (49th) 4th Alabama Battalion Consider how this unit did not exist for long, it is unlikely there is much on them. 1st Alabama Cavalry It would be great to get more on them, as they may have taken part in the attack at Dill Branch. I also wonder how involved they were in turning Stuart's flank at around 2pm. Robertson’s Battery (Alabama) Company E 2nd Battalion Alabama Artillery (Gage’s) ARKANSAS 6th Arkansas Thomasson, Bryan. "We Have Drunk From the Same Canteen: Company H, Sixth Arkansas Regiment; the Camden City Guards." Master's thesis, University of Arkansas, 1995. It would be great to get this thesis, particularly as the regiment sort of disappears after Stewart's attack at Duncan Field. 10th Arkansas 15th Arkansas Watts, J. C. "History of Jefferson Guards and the Fifteenth Arkansas Regiment". Jefferson County Historical Quarterly, 11, No. 4 (1983): 25–42. Helena Artillery (Calvert’s Arkansas) Hubbard’s Battery (Jackson Light Artillery, Arkansas) Trigg’s Battery (Austin Artillery, Arkansas) Robert’s Battery (Clarke County Light Artillery, Arkansas) CSA 3rd Confederate MISSISSIPPI 5th Mississippi 6th Mississippi Cox, T.B. “Sixth Mississippi Regiment at Shiloh.” Confederate Veteran, vol. 18 There is also Howell's book. 7th Mississippi 9th Mississippi 10th Mississippi 15th Mississippi Wynne's A Hard Trip is a first rate unit history. 22nd Mississippi Blythe’s Mississippi (44th Mississippi) Wirt Adams’ Cavalry (1st Mississippi) Pettus Flying Artillery (Hudson’s Mississippi) Warren Light Artillery (Swett’s Mississippi) Smith’s Battery (Mississippi) I would love to find out what they did on April 6 after 12pm. They pulled back and are not mentioned again as far as I can see. KENTUCKY 3rd Kentucky 4th Kentucky 5th Kentucky 6th Kentucky Thompson, E. Porter. History of the Orphan Brigade. Louisville: Lewis N. Thompson, 1898. This book covers all of the above, but is more anecdotal. Kentucky Cavalry (Thompson’s) According to Reed they took no active part in the battle. Morgan’s Cavalry Basil Duke wrote about them, but one has to wonder how much is true. Duke was old and he wanted to protect Morgan's reputation. Meanwhile, anyone read or know where to get this: Basil Duke's Personal Recollections of Shiloh, read before the Filson club April 6, 1914 Louisville filson club Byrne’s Battery (Kentucky) Thompson, E. Porter. History of the Orphan Brigade. Louisville: Lewis N. Thompson, 1898. Lyon Battery (Cobb’s Kentucky) Thompson, E. Porter. History of the Orphan Brigade. Louisville: Lewis N. Thompson, 1898. There is also an article in Confederate Veteran LOUISIANA 16th Louisiana Masters Thesis by Aymond from Southeastern Louisiana University Orleans Guard Battalion (Louisiana) Journal of the Orleans Guard Napier Bartlett is in "Military Record of Louisiana.” Just be sure to go to the Louisiana Troops in the West section 1st Louisiana Cavalry One of the mystery units mentioned by Reed. I have seen newspaper clipping posted on this site that indicates they were close to Shiloh but not engaged. Watson Artillery (Beltzhoover’s Louisiana) It is heavily debated if they were there. My best guess is there on April 7, and likely were at the very tail end of the army. MISSOURI 1st Missouri In Deadly Earnest by Gottschalk goes over the battle, although the 1st Missori's movements on April 6 are not detailed. TENNESSEE 2nd Tennessee (Walker’s) I would love to know more since they were 9/10 Irish. 6th Tennessee Tennessee Annals has a fairly detailed entry. 9th Tennessee Band of Brothers ~ Company C, 9th Tennessee Infantry by James R. Fleming Anyone read this? 15th Tennessee Ed Gleeson’s Illinois Rebels: A Civil War Unit History of G Company 15th Tennessee Regiment Volunteer Infantry I have not read this book but I am very curious about it. 19th Tennessee Fowler, John D., Mountaineers in Gray: The Nineteenth Tennessee Volunteer Infantry Regiment, C.S.A., The University of Tennessee Press, 2004, ISBN 1-57233-314-6 Worsham, Dr. W. J., The Old Nineteenth Tennessee Regiment C.S.A 20th Tennessee McMurray’s account of the regiment is decent it seems. 22nd Tennessee* http://shilohdiscussiongroup.com/topic/854-22nd-tennessee/?ct=1595814367 24th Tennessee 28th Tennessee Tennessee annals are light on details 44th Tennessee* Tennessee annals are light on details 45th Tennessee 47th Tennessee* http://freepages.rootsweb.com/~bsdunagan/military/47th.html 52nd Tennessee 55th Tennessee (McKoin’s)* Tennessee annals are light on details Tennessee Battalion (Crews’) There is a good discussion of them on the SDG. Forrest’s Cavalry There is of course Wyeth's book and Jordan and Pryor. I do wonder how much is propaganda, but they are detailed accounts all the same. Company A 1st Tennessee Light Artillery (McClung’s Tennessee) Company G Tennessee Artillery Corps (Polk’s) Rutledge’s Battery (Tennessee)
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    One part of the battle I am wondering about is Cleburne's supposed attack at Duncan Field (as found at SNMP Position Marker 427). His report reads as such. (pages 581-582 of the OR) "Finding my advance on the left wing for the present unemployed, I galloped back to my right. About half of the Twenty-third Tennessee and 60 men of the Sixth Mississippi had reformed. With these I advanced directly to my front, through the enemy’s encampment, the enemy having retreated as soon as my left had broken their right. Colonel Patterson, of the Eighth Arkansas, connected his regiment with my remnants of two regiments, and remained fighting with me until about 12 or 1 o’clock. At this time Captain Harper, commanding the remnant of the Sixth Mississippi, marched it to the rear. Its terrible loss in the morning, the want of all its field and most of its company officers, had completely disorganized it and unfitted it for further service. I saw it no more during the battle, but would respectfully refer you to the reports of Col. J. J. Thornton for its after proceedings. Soon after this I ordered the Twenty-third Tennessee to the rear, with directions to reunite with other portions of the regiment which had got separated from it in the repulse of the morning." A few things. 1. It appears Cleburne thought his left regiments (15 AR plus 2, 5, and 24 TN) broke Buckland's brigade. They of course did not. 2. His men fought to the right of 8 AR. 3. Patterson, commander of 8 AR, makes no mention of Cleburne in his report (598-599). He makes no mention of being involved in the Duncan Field fighting until after Wood was thrown from his horse and he had about one hour to reform his command. He then assisted in expelling Sweeney's men from Duncan Field in the afternoon. 4. Sadly, the 23 TN report is nearly worthless. (590) I suspect Cleburne was never at Duncan Field with the 6 MS and 23 TN, but rather was involved in the attack on Mars's brigade. Following that, he ordered his men to the rear.
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    Grant at Shiloh (2020) While searching for something else, ran across this May 2020 YouTube post of Grant at Shiloh.This is my critique of the 10-minute video: first 2 minutes: too much focus on “reorganizing stragglers at the Landing” 2 – 3 minute mark: good reminder Grant was telling his commanders, “Wallace is coming” 3 – 4 mark: Sherman and Grant teamwork 4 – 5 mark: Lew Wallace got lost... 5 – 6 mark: “trade space (terrain) for time” 5 – 6 mark: “Hold your position at all hazards” Grant tells to everyone [not specifically to Brigadier General Prentiss] 5 – 7 mark: any mention of the Hornet's Nest/ Sunken Road is edited out. Battle of Shiloh progresses from “Sherman's strong stand” to “Confederates fail to exit the Dill Branch Ravine and attack Grant's Last Line” 6 – 7 mark: “Whip 'em tomorrow, though” ...and the Navy contributes; 7 – 8 mark: Union attacks Day Two 8 – 9 mark: Beauregard orders the withdrawal back to Corinth. 9 – 10 mark: Union Victory won, at the cost of massive casualties. Final minute: The lesson of Shiloh. “The war will be longer, harder and involve more casualties than previously imagined.” My criticisms: No mention of Powell, Peabody, Prentiss. No mention of the stand of Hurlbut, Prentiss and WHL Wallace (at whatever name the location goes by this week...) No mention of Lew Wallace's contribution on Day Two. The same, tired “Lew Wallace got lost” dusted off and rolled out. No mention of Grant arriving at the battlefield over three hours after first contact. No mention of “NO defensive works.” No mention of, “DO NOT bring on a general engagement.” No mention of Grant and Buell dividing the battlefield on Day Two... Summary: my ancestors would not recognize this rendition of the Battle of Shiloh: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L6hehVbFYG8 Ozzy
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    Surrender demanded of Vicksburg This is the first surrender demand presented to Vicksburg Mississippi (which I doubt anyone at SDG has seen before): “The undersigned, with orders from Flag-Officer Farragut and Major General Butler, respectively, demand the surrender of Vicksburg and its defenses to the lawful authority of the United States, under which private property and personal rights will be respected. Respectfully, S. Phillips Lee [commanding USS Oneida ] and Brigadier General Thomas Williams dated 18 May 1862" [The same Demand for Surrender had been presented to Natchez a few days earlier, with different results: Natchez surrendered 13 May 1862.] Reference: OR (Navy) vol.18 pages 491 & 492. N.B. Relevance: Where was Henry Halleck and his Army of the Mississippi on 18 May 1862?
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    ASJ and Hindman's pivot http://npshistory.com/publications/civil_war_series/22/sec6.htm tenth paragraph down, which begins: “At this point in the battle, Albert Sidney Johnston...” Ozzy post of 28 AUG 2016 (see references to passages in Life of General Albert Sidney Johnston) in Billy 1977 topic, “Bushrod Johnson's Brigade morning of 6 April.”
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