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    From the album: Shiloh in the Fall

    The newly restored inscription on Peabody's star, denoting this as the site of his brigade headquarters.
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    From the album: Federals killed, wounded, or captured at Shiloh; and some who died in the greater Shiloh campaign before and after the battle; along with notable figures at Shiloh

    Lt. Col. William Swarthout, 50th Illinois Infantry. Swarthout was wounded and captured at Shiloh. Chaplain I. T. Tichenor of the 17th Alabama Infantry related the story of Swarthout being wounded and captured. Col. Moses Bane ordered Swarthout and Sgt. Maj. Hughes to scout ahead of the regiment. Tichenor relates: "Before long 2 men, one on foot and one on horseback started directly towards us. They evidently proposed to obtain definite information as to whether we were friends or foes." The word was passed to not allow these 2 men to escape. The Alabamians actually talked to Swarthout and Hughes telling them to surrender. As they turned to run, the 17th fired on them. Sgt. Maj. Hughes on horseback was shot down, and Swarthout took cover behind a tree, drew his pistol, and started firing. A member of the 17th Alabama worked his way around the tree. He fired a shot, which missed Swarthout. The 2nd shot hit Swarthout, at which point he cried "I surrender!". He was taken prisoner. Swarthout resigned on 27 March 1863.
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