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  1. It was Confederate Memorial Day in Alabama yesterday also
  2. Here is a variety of uniforms that my guys and me wore at an event may be 10 yrs ago, do not the Mississippi Star on our hats
  3. You can use Trans Mississippi type uniform or as some Mississippi units wore civilian pants and shirts with brogans early war. Mississippi only issued standard field equipment , early war hats were 3 sided and had a star on it. As far a beards go per Confederate Regulations beards , mustaches , goatees were to be kelpt neat and trimed at all times. And hair had to be kelpt trimed as well. I know there are not addheard to now. When , I was Captain of Co E 25th Ala Vol Inf, the guys adheared to the reg's as we stayed as close to real as possible. Since, I have semi retired and choose not to be Captain , the men have become soft unit, not very sharp , in my opinion. When I fall in with other units , I go as close to period as possible to the unit I fight with and all way as a Pvt. I have fought several times over the years with just period civilian pants and shirt, sack coat and field gear. If you were in my unit , you would not be out of uniform. As far as weapons try and get a Enfield 58 cal , any other weapon could be concentrated battlefield pickup. Hope this helps any more questions ask away.
  4. As a reenactor for 20yrs , having 59 Confederate Ancestors, having 10 that fought at Shiloh, it has been my Honor to portray the Confederate Solider. You will get what you put into it. I really don't call my self hard core, counting stiches, ect. What I would do is ask questions to several people that reenact and try to blend as much into an imperrisson that follows the Confederate Solider as close as possible. Example is , I only carry a bed roll, food in my haversack , ammo, canteen, ect with enough rounds (300) to each event. I sleep under the stars or in the rain, why you ask , Well if I can't stand it for a weekend how the heck can I feel the part of a Confederate Solider that hopefully lived that way for 4 yrs. I am all ways in First Person from the time I get there until the last battle is over then I come back to the 21st Century. I live the part not fake it. Just my thoughts, and if I can help out feel free to contact me.
  5. Yep have fun. I will not be attending as my health will not let me. Maybe next time
  6. He is a bit of history about the county I am from. General Forrest 's Territory
  7. History is written by the Victor's. My glasses are not rose colored, I have studied General Forrest. You will not change my feelings of him. He(General Forrest) is a Hero to me and many other Southerners. I beg your pardon but General Forrest methods of fighting a war are at the War Collage. And if you read into Rommel he came to Shiloh in the mid 1930's and yes he studied General Forrest's part at Shiloh. There are families in the Shiloh area today that know the truth about Rommel coming to Tenn. But , I want try and change your mind so please don't try to change your mind. I will speak the way I feel. By your Leave Gregg
  8. I have been reading over the message's for a while and have come to this answer. General Forrest , is a Love him or Hate him , Southern General and Man. You can look at him from any angle your like in your point of view. From the yankee point of view he was a murder , slave trader, ect. I will speak form my view of him as a Southerner. General Forrest was one of the greatest Generals that this country ever produced to wear any uniform, Southern Gray or Yankee Blue. His tactic's were of winning not losing the battle. My GGGgrandfather's unit the 7th Ala Cavalry served under General Forrest. The area I live in here in Alabama was General Forrest's area of operation , military , recruiting, resupply, ect. General Forrest had a temporary Hq not 10 miles from where I am right now. He offered his surrender not 40 miles from me. This is General Forrest territory then and now. General Forrest was a man of wise use of what he had, his trickery on his chase throu North Alabama towards Rome Ga is nothing but spectacular when you can trick a larger force to surrender to a smaller force. The Government of the US was afraid of him after the War and his suppose involvement in the KKK, that he was arrested by a Reg of Yankee's sent by train to Washington. After sitting there for 2 weeks listening to rants by anti Southern scum. He was asked this General do you have any last words, his reply was , I have been bought here under false speculation , I wish to return to my home in 10 days or I shall issue an Order for former Confederate Soldiers to fall apon Washington to demand my release. The number that I have seen written is he would order 200,000 men in arms to come to Washington to get him. General Forrest was returned to him home by Guard in 9 days. The meanest General of both the Armies was by far Sherman, he was a dog and from his blitzkrieg through Ga and SC in the lader stages of the war , for those deeds he should have been Court Marshalled and hung by his neck until dead, this his body burned to ashes and dumped into the Atlantic Ocean. So say what you will about General Forrest by the yankee's did far worse to the Southern People during the war and Reconstruction, if you family's didn't live through it you can't explain how we as Southerners feel. Period
  9. Thanks for all the kind words. It has been a great day, got to talk to my kids. And that makes it special
  10. Gregg

    Howdy from Texas

    Welcome Delta Boy, good to see you here
  11. Faith and I meet him at a Living History at Natchez, Ms about 5-6 yrs ago. He was the headliner and after his performance came around an visit with us the troops and sang a few songs with us around the camp fire that night. He is very knowable on Civil War History.
  12. Reading about him is very interesting. Personally , think he was not used as effectively as he should have been
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