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  1. Epic Hike 2018 Suggestions

    We'd bring it back........ come on man!
  2. Epic Hike 2018 Suggestions

    I think we should try to lower a cannon down to the bottom of the ravine from Gage's position marker to appreciate what that battery did to keep up.
  3. Guess this spot

    Rutledge's Battery.
  4. Guess this spot

    We stopped by here on "The Crossroads" hike. A few modern things have been removed via Photoshop.
  5. CCC Wall

    For those who may not be on the Facebook page. Photos from a CCC built wall that Mona showed me over the 156th weekend.
  6. Guess this spot

  7. Mona and Stones River

    I wish I would had more time there last summer.
  8. Mona and Stones River

  9. 156th Battle Anniversary

    I have made my reservations at the Holiday Inn, Corinth
  10. Epic Trek 2017: Update

    I'm holding out hope.........any color is going to look good to me. In Houston we only see fall colors in Hobby Lobby.
  11. Great Moments in Hiking History

    I just saw these.....good stuff.
  12. Epic Trek 2017: Update

    Damn!!!! I was thinking of a photog friend in the east. They were more wet this years and expecting better colors. I still have hope..........Michele and I are going to Gettysburg the week of Thanksgiving.
  13. Epic Trek 2017: Update

    I have made my reservations and will be there. Perry, please make sure the weather will be good AND most important.....good fall colors for my camera. I hear that its supposed to be a good year for colors, lets hope so.
  14. 2017 Epic Trek Topic Announcement

    I hope I can make this one. Might be tough because Michele and I will be in Gettysburg the following weekend for the Remembrance Day celebrations. I might be able to sneek away for both.
  15. Weather Outlook

    Hope the weather is nice for you guys. Have fun.