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  1. I found this animation of The Battle Of Shiloh and thought I would share it. Pretty informative in a short amount of time.............http://www.historyanimated.com/ShilohAnimation.html
  2. TommyM

    Hello All

    The one I know of lived in Newburg in Lewis county when he enlisted. He did fight at Shioh ,he is buried in Waynesboro.
  3. You might try this website I used it to get the records for my great great grandfather http://www.csawardept.com/genealogy/research/CMSR.html It cost you nothing until you decide if what they find is worthwhile to you. Seven photos of original microfilm documents on a cd cost me 12.50 not a bad deal I think.
  4. TommyM

    Hello All

    My name is Tommy Moore, live in Adamsille and just recently joined The Sons Of Confederate Veterans. I guess living so close to Shiloh kinda took it for granted and never realized the historical significance. A man with a gun is a citizen;a man without one is a subject!!!!!!!!!!!!
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