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  1. tis hallowed ground indeed....Here's to all the heros who fought at Shiloh..........
  2. Did anybody else go from Private to Lieutenant General in the Civil War on either side???? Forrest is most definately one of the more interesting figures in American History. Keep on soap boxing Randy. Regards
  3. CD, I do as well. I live near Charleston SC and we find a lot of Colonial and Revolutionary War stuff. Most of the Civil War sites are built over or a National Park. Where you are at in sacred ground to me of course with all the history there and my Mom's and my ancestory over there. Maybe one of these days when I am over there we can go relic hunting? I would gladly return the favor if you are ever in Charleston SC. Regards, Cecil My email is whopper@sc.rr.com
  4. Hey CD, are you a relic collector/hunter? Regards, Cecil
  5. Thanks CD. I have not tried that. I did find a J H Meek in the 9th Kentucky from the right regiment. I'll bet he is a relative because Thomas Meek's father's name was John. There was also a James in the family of age in the Adamsville area. I did find quite a few Meeks in the 34th. They even have a Thomas Meeks listed, twice. One has a middle initial of J though so it may not be my ancestor. The regiment they are listed in was from Jackson Alabama according to the Tenn Gen Web Project. Thanks A Lot for your help. Cecil
  6. All of the above. The ultimate question that I have is is the T W Meek listed in the Crews Battalion Roster my ancestor Thomas M Meek that lived in Adamsville in the 1860s? My Grandfather (Raymond Meeks) always said that we had an ancestor at the Battle of Shiloh. His father was George Washington Meek/s who's father was Thomas M Meek. I have looked using Ancestry.com and can find no one with the initials "T W" from the McNairy/Hardin County area in the 1860s. I was thinking that maybe they flipped the middle initial upside down. I have seen the roster that the National Park Service website has. I would certainly appreciate any suggestions/help. Thanks, Cecil Hopper
  7. Does anyone know where I may find any details on Crews Infantry Battalion? Beyond what's on the web. Would anywhere in McNairy or Hardin County have any information you think? Thanks C Hopper
  8. Thanks Ron. That's a good suggestion. I haven't read that one. I will do that. Regards, Cecil
  9. I think with the arrival of Lew Wallace's Division Grant would have been able to hold out for some time againt the Rebs. However, I don't see how anyone could conclude that the events of April 7, 1862, would not have been dramatically different had Buell's troops not factored in...... Lew Wallace's Division was not very impressive on April 7th. Buell's 13,000 available troops on the morning of the 7th made the difference.
  10. Most books seem to have considerably more content from a northern perspective in terms of specific accounts as to what was going on during the battle. This may be attributable to the nothern records having been accounted for better over the years and much of the southern records having been lost. Most of the books I've read have great detail in terms of Union accounts followed by bits here and there from the Confederate perspective. Maybe I am making too big a deal of this but my perspective has been books on Shiolh are typically weighed 70/30 twoard accounts from Union units/officers as oppose to accounts from Confederate units/officers. I was wondering if I could get some opinons on which book has the best detail from a southern perspective?
  11. Hey CD. When I first got into geneaology (which really isn't all that long ago) I thought that my Meeks line went back to John Henderson Meeks. I knew I was looking for a Mary Meeks who had a son that was born in 1876 named George Meeks and I wasn't sure of the fathers name. Come to find out that there was a George E Meeks born to George Meeks son of John Henderson Meeks and a George Washington Meeks born to a Thomas M Meek/s (my ancestor). My George's mom was also named Mary (Mary J Dollar). So you see things can get pretty confusing putting your ancestry together. Regards, Cecil Hopper
  12. That would be great. Thanks, C Hopper
  13. Thank you Grandpa. My folks and I are planning on visiting our relatives in McNairy at the end of May. I'll check in on Mrs. Meeks and see if she would like some visitors. I would like to verify my Meeks line w/ Doc's line if I could. Sincerely, C Hopper
  14. Does Doc still live there?
  15. CD, thanks for the information. My Mom always wants to come back over there on the 30th of May and I didn't realize that they also had the events at Shiloh that you describe. I am glad to hear of the speical attention made to the burial trenchs. You were lucky to have been there and hear the last Confederate soldier speaking in 1953. I can tell it made an impression on you. I would like to contact Bill Waggoner[user=96] [/user]and see what I can find out. Doc Meeks came to my Grand Dad's funeral in 1988. Of all the things that happened around that time he made an impression on me because he looked so much like my Grand Dad. I would like to figure out exactly how he and Doc are related. My Mom says they were cousins. My email is whopper@sc.rr.com or via cell phone at (843) 991-0497. My Grand Dad must have played on the battlefield as a kid because he said he had a pile of cannon balls he had accumulated and left under his house. Thanks Again CD, Cecil Hopper Summerville, SC
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