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  1. Thank you all for the information. I was not sure how such would affect Shiloh. CD is correct, Shiloh has public access and a church in the middle of the park. I do hope they resolve the issue before the filming of new movie and anniversary celebration.
  2. Currently the news is mentioning a pending US government shutdown possibly occuring as early as March 4. In the event of a government shutdown does Shiloh close since it is part of the National Park Service? The last time this occurred was in 1995 and most National Park Agencies closed. I am not sure how this affects Shiloh.
  3. Thank you for posting a link to the article, I thought it was interesting. Do you know where Camp Corinth was located? I wonder if there are any remains of that camp today, I saw on the other posting that there is very little of the Shiloh camp still visable due to the scout camp locating in same area.
  4. dd10

    CCC and Shiloh

    This has been great information. Thank you to everyone for the maps, the photo links, and the information.
  5. dd10

    CCC and Shiloh

    Thank you for the information and map. This was very helpful. I have visited many National Parks and have seen many CCC camp areas and work that was done by the CCC. I never knew that the CCC did so much at Shiloh until reading the article by Tim Smith. The article did not mention "deadman's gravel pit" that was additional information and I will look for it next time I visit the park in a few weeks. Thank you.
  6. dd10

    CCC and Shiloh

    Thank you for the replies. I had read the article by Tim Smith on the CCC at Shiloh and found it interesting, I had no idea of their presence there. I still have a few questions though. Where is Sowell Rd? I can not seem to find it on any map. Also clarifying that the CCC camps/ Picnic areas were on Shiloh Branch, not West Shiloh Branch. I would like to find all of them. Thank you for your help.
  7. dd10

    CCC and Shiloh

    I am looking for information on the location of CCC camps and picnic areas at Shiloh during the 1930's. I understand that segregation was in place during this time period so locations are varied. Any help is appreciated. Thank you
  8. dd10

    New quarters

    I am glad someone posted the list, I was pleased that there is a wide variety of places that were chosen including some of the military parks. It appears that each state could choose one site to represent them. Taking nothing away from Shiloh, but since the Great Smoky Mountains are the most visited National park with over 9 million visitors estimated each year, I can see why Tennessee opted to place the Smokies on their quarter.
  9. dd10


    Hello Mona, I am not aware of any family that I had living in the area during the war. We moved to the area in 1973 and my Dad still lives there. I have made many trips to shiloh over the years. I used to ride my horse near the park several years ago, there are several historical markers that used to be outside the park boundaries that I would find, although they may have fallen down by now, wish I could think of where I had seen them.
  10. dd10


    I am a new member and just discovered this site. I spent most of my childhood just down the road from Shiloh. I have introduced many to the park over the years and visited many times. Although my adult years have me living further away now, my father lives 10 minutes away from the park and I visit the park frequently when I am in the area. I love Shiloh and there are many interesting things to discover there and in the area surrounding the park boundaries.
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