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  1. Have the following info Pillow Flying Artillery or Miller’s Tennessee Battery Commander – Captain William Miller 3rd Corp. Hardee, 1st. Div (?), 1stBrigade Shaver Ordinance: 2 x 6 lb Smoothbore and 2 x 12 lb Howitzer plus 2 x 3 inch Rifles Campsite 1st Position Marker No. 412 April 5 10:00 a.m. – Next morning Location B12 900 feet north of Bark Road on East side of Shilohville Road. 2nd Position Marker 3rd Position Marker Citation on Monument Causalities: Unk Material Losses: Unk Report – None That all I have. Jim
  2. Thanks for the info. I had listed The Jefferson Artillery under another name in error and had skipped Hubbard's unit. Everything ok. I have compiled a listing of all artillery units engaged at Shiloh. Each includes Name, Commander, Ordinance, Campsite locations each position location, memorial location together with all citationseventually I will include casualities and material losses. I also want to reference any information from the various other written sources. The ultimate goal is to be able to track all the artillery units using all existing sources. I would of course acknowledge any and all help.
  3. In my research on the artillery at Shiloh came across the Jefferson Mississippi Artillery Battery and Hubard's (Jackson) Arkansas Battery. Couldn't find in the 1913 listing on the NPS Reed's book. Can anyone give me any information. Jim G
  4. In nearly all accounts of the battle there is the story that Col Jordan used as a model Napoleon's battle plan of Waterloo as a pattern for the alignemnt of the Confederate forces at Shiloh. Has anyone checked that out?Also what is the best account of the pre battle planning? Also Jordan seemed to take on a lot of authority during the battle exactly what was his function as an Adjustant? Jim G
  5. JimG


    Hopw about a section devoted to weapons used in the battle especially artillery. Jim
  6. JimG

    Mana Markers

    What are these mana markers? Jim G
  7. JimG

    Basic Bibliography

    I was asking just to see what the reponse was, I have most of the recommended books. I have ordered the life of Albert S. Johnston. Seeing Ron plucked his un finished book I put a plug in for mine, "A Study of the Artillery Units at Shiloh" . That is a working title I think of something snapper when I send to a publisher. Jim G
  8. I was thinking about the various books on the battle. If you wanted to study the battle , what would be a basic bibliography to start with ? I am not asking to rate them just list the basic ones. I would also like to know which books would be good for a study of the artillery at Shiloh?
  9. I forgot to mention I hit the big 65. I am an official senior citizen. Jim
  10. I agree that both Buell and Wallace were timid in their attacks. I will have to go back and check on it in my books. I have a copy of "All For the Regiment" and haven't read it yet maybe it covers Buell's actions. Jim
  11. Thank you all. Had a good day only way it would of been better celebrating at Shiloh. Jim
  12. Perry Thanks. I see by the picture accompaning your posting you like Forrest. I would like to read more about him. Can you recommend a good biography? Jim
  13. I remember both with the Illustrated and without it. I also remember when it was the ONLY civil war magazine there was around. I know I am aging myself but I am old. It is hearting to see Shiloh featured in a magazine. I do get tired of all the eastern theater stuff and the later war campaigns in the west. Personal opinion on my part! Jim G
  14. It is the December 2008 Vol. XLVII Number 6. Page 28.
  15. I just wanted to tell everyone about the article not start a discussion on Prentiss. I did that awhile ago in the battle section. He is interesting but I think most of us agree that he wasn't the saviour of the Union Army that some thought. Jim G
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