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  1. Shiloh Researcher

    Hello from Colorado~

    Hi Perry, Thanks for your warm welcome and for the information you have put out to everyone. IF anyone has some compelling accounts that would be relevant for the documentary research I am all ears! Thanks, Jennifer
  2. Shiloh Researcher

    Hello from Colorado~

    Hello Shiloh Discussion Group! I am doing some preliminary research for a documentary on Shiloh and the National Park. Thanks for all your help already, this is a great source of knowledge and I am so pleased to have stumbled upon this site. I look forward to learning more about Shiloh!
  3. Shiloh Researcher

    Union Common Soldier Account ?

    Does anyone know of an account from a common Union Soldier that is specifically compelling from either day of battle? Something pertaining to the Hornets Nest would be great but any account would be helpful. Thanks!
  4. Shiloh Researcher

    Friendly Fire incident with 4th Louisiana Confederates

    Thanks, Ron your response is greatly appreciated. We are in the process of gathering information on the Hornets Nest, specifically Confederate accounts from the first day at the HN. Thanks for your clarification and suggestions - and the warm welcome!
  5. I am curious if anyone has any information or accounts regarding the friendly fire incident where the Confederates were actually wearing BLUE uniforms into battle and were fired upon on April 6th by the Confederate camp.
  6. Shiloh Researcher

    Soldier Accounts and Stories

    Thank you!
  7. Shiloh Researcher

    WI 16th company D

    Hello! I am very interested in your knowledge about Shiloh. I am working on a documentary on the battle and am collecting soldier accounts, documents, and stories to include throughout the documentary. Do you happen to have links to the papers you refer to in this posting? If you can point me in any direction where I might be able to learn about stores of the soldiers and of the two days of battle I would be most appreciative. Look forward to your response!
  8. Shiloh Researcher

    Soldier Accounts and Stories

    Hello~ I am in the process of researching and producing a documentary on the Battle of Shiloh. We are going to use a skeleton of soldier accounts, quotes, and stores throughout the documentary. I have joined this discussion group to learn from the experts and if anyone has any relevant quotes, articles, or stories from individual soldiers of any rank I would love to hear about them!