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  1. For your viewing pleasure... If you see a typo or other mistake just put the problem here and I'll fix it! Bruce 155th Battle Anniversary Hikes and Tours.pdf
  2. Thanks. I may start over and dig in again.
  3. I am leaving Friday afternoon or would help.
  4. I got a room last week at the Quality Inn next to the Days Inn. Staying there the night of the 6th. The rest of the week will be at the Days Inn. Marvin and Ann's anniversary is, I think, April 6 or 7.
  5. I guess we are not meeting for breakfast . I will go to subway a little after 7 to get my lunch.
  6. Mike, I found a Ed Bearrs book on fort Donelson in my Dad's CW stuff about 4 years ago after my Mom passed away. I believe it is a reprint of one of the articles you referenced. I also found "Grant Moves South" by Bruce Catton. Bruce
  7. Adam and I are meeting for lunch Friday somewhere in Dover. Exact time and location tba.
  8. And I have some extra snacks in case anyone forgets or shows up and has second thoughts about how much food they brought. I have a 24 pack of Lance Sandwich Crackers that are pretty lightweight, plus some trail mix. I'll have a case of water too. I think all of this cost me a whopping $9. I'm still not sure what I'm bringing for lunch. I might just get a Subway sandwich that morning. I also have two "promotional" backpack stools that were given to me if anyone wants one. I'm bringing them with me. I have had one of these for a few years and love it. It combines a small backpack that you can also sit on in the field. (one of the backpack stools is spoken for, so one is left)
  9. I called the Dover Inn regarding their breakfast. cereal , honey buns, toast, OJ, and bananas. at least that's what I remember . the guy said your basic cold breakfast. so if anybody wants to meet at McDonald's or Subway at 6:00 or so, I'm game.
  10. Most of you know I love my maps, but unfortunately I have only been to Fort Donelson once a few years ago. The nice Trailhead Maps are not available for this. I was able to come up with these four map. I have no idea if these will help with the hike or not, but feel free to download if you wish. The first one of these is a NPS map, the last three I found on Wikipedia and I did credit the author. See you all in about 12 days! Fort Donelson.pdf
  11. I just got off the phone with Debbie at the Dover Inn. I should be there between 5 and 7 PM if anybody is planning on getting together for dinner. Bruce
  12. During the 150th or 151st Anniversary, a couple of you may remember my friend from Champaign, IL, who joined me for several hikes. Gene Heitman was a great guy who loved the Civil War and was definitely "one of us." Gene passed away about a week ago. Please remember him in your thoughts and prayers. He was only 57 years old and his ailments were complicated by type 1 diabetes. He never married and his family asked if anyone had any pictures of him. I have none, after looking through about 10 SD cards. If you have any I am sure the family would love to see them. I have not rewatched Tony's videos but will and see if I can spot him. He loved Shiloh and had family that fought there. He was very impressed the way you have all welcomed me and how the regulars to Shiloh are really close and in our own way are a family. You all made him feel like part of that family during his visit and he commented to me several times how much fun he had, in no small part to all of you. Bruce Butler, Champaign, IL
  13. Mona, that s correct. Perry, there could be two Bjorn Skaptasons running around out there. And I agree, I will miss it too.
  14. Bjorn wanted me to distribute this file as best we could. I will start with this site. This document will be used for Bjorn's April 8 program. Due to a variety of reasons (i.e. size of the file, the need for an electronic device) it needs to be distributed before the car tour on April 8. Let me know if you are able to download this file. Shiloh_April_8_2016_Living_Images_Slideshow.pdf
  15. Jeff told me that we will have some water at the half way points on both Monday's and Tuesday's day long hike. So don't worry about carrying a full days worth of water. Probably some Gatorade, etc in case its warm.
  16. As I have done for the past several years, attached is an Adobe PDF of all the hikes and tours for anniversary number 154! Of course, you can also print this out if that works for you. Looking forward to seeing everyone! Unfortunately I need to leave mid afternoon of the 6th, but 4 days ain't bad! If you see a typo let me know. Bruce 154th Battle Anniversary Hikes and Tours.pdf
  17. Good job Paul. I'll make an Adobe copy y the schedule loses some of the tentative listings.
  18. Thanks for the birthday wishes. I have not been on here a bunch but still feel a part of the Shiloh community. I have a new hobby in the last year or two - running. This year I ran 3 half marathons this year and plan to run a full marathon on November 9. I'll definitely see you all in Aptil. And Ozzy, that would be really great to find him.
  19. If you see any typos or items that need corrected, please let me know and I'll update it. BruceShiloh 2015.pdf
  20. So I missed it by a week?
  21. I was about to ask if anyone heard about the 2015 anniversary. There is an update on the NPS Shiloh page that I did not see a couple of days ago!! http://www.nps.gov/shil/planyourvisit/events.htm?submitted=1&date_start=4%2F4%2F2015&date_end=4%2F8%2F2015&date_min=02%2F22%2F2015&date_max=02%2F22%2F2020&keyword=&as_sfid=AAAAAAWNl0wTkLoMmTQ38UF9lX3fPaWdeyhZ92GYaCLpj3l3eyBpARtl80v8C2FOv5hN-tgvMuFO-e0S4shyUdN0-9JTCpdAH5GNKLotqrTgMZediw%3D%3D&as_fid=9LknxAptC53WCywoW0dc
  22. Happy Birthday. I hope it was a great one! Bruce
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