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  1. Nope, I am not the B.P. of spill fame, although I will be at Fort Morgan in week and will get to see their work first hand. Thank you again for all the information.
  2. That was exactly they type of information I was hoping for. Thank you.
  3. I am going to Shiloh in two weeks to do some research. While there I would like to also trace the movements of Hudson's Battery (a.k.a. Pettus Flying Artillery, Hoole's Company, Watson's Artillery). I have some information but am hoping to gain more. Thanks in advance.
  4. Please excuse my intrusion. Whitlaw is an infamous character in the history of my Order. All know his name and are very familiar with a specific excerpt from his article about Shiloh. According to a Shiloh Superintendent I spoke with back in the early nineties, Whitlaw was indeed at the battle but he had to leave early to meet deadlines. A good example of this is his eulogy of Benjamin Piatt Runkle, 13th Ohio. Runkle was wounded in the foot and mouth and left for dead on the battlefield; however, Runkle eventually outlived Reid.
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