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  1. When I visited the location of General Johnston's death something didn't seem the same as when I had visited in years past. Am I correct in thinking that the oak tree where General Johnston was first found has been replanted/replaced? I remember one of the last times I visited what remained of the tree had been fenced off and was being supported with some type of wire cabling or such. The tree that is there now seems to be in much better shape than the one I previously remember. I first thought I remember a granite stump being there as a marker but then I recalled something about a Pvt Putnum and his death spot. Also, do I understand that the tree is where Gov. Harris first found the Gen. and down the revine is where the Gen. actually died?
  2. Thanks! I figured this to be the case but as I stated the center of Ruggles' line as it appears today was for the most part completely obscured from the objected target of the sunken road. It does help to be able to use one imagination when picturing what the actual battle field might have looked like.
  3. My name is Billy McCord. I live in Millport, AL. I was born Downey, CA and grow up in Columbus, MS. I lived in New Orleans for a little over 4 1/2 years. I enjoy American history and have been to Shiloh 3 to 4 times over my lifetime. I visted Fort Sumter last summer and have also visted Fort's Morgan, Gaines, Jackson, Union, Massachusetts. I have also visted Vicksburg National Military Park.
  4. I revisted the park with my son this past weekend and I have a question regarding Ruggles' Batteries. I noticed along the line of artillery, mainly toward the middle of the line and directly north, the terrain was extremely dense. How much has the terrain changed over the years and to what effect did this have on the firing of the guns from the confederates as well as the union forces?
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