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  1. Great to see you again Jim, thanks for the bite of chicken! Mr. Spencer and I had a nice little chat about my wife's G-Aunt, they've known each other for quite awhile. He must know her, he called her "my gal Sal".
  2. I've got the original book, a good read.
  3. So I'm lying there bleeding from a shoulder wound about to be treated by a fair maiden in the yard of The Veranda House and I look at the brick wall and this is what I see......... They'll let any carpetbagger into Corinth.
  4. I see your signature addition to every photo you're in Jim.
  5. My in-laws used the own that whole bottom leading up to the White House but sold it when Hwy 45 was built. Now they live on the west side of 45 across the tracks from Battery F. I can look up from their back field and see the woods where it's located. Are you going to be there through the weekend Jim? I'll be down there Sunday filming for the day at the Interpretive Center.
  6. Count me in! I'll figure out if I can get off later.
  7. Yep, the driving tour signs are what they are talking about, they were looking a little worn. I walked to the Confederate earthworks off of N. Polk St. one time and learned that the sign saying that the works were only a 1/4 mile walk were entirely wrong. Not good on a hot July day......... My wife's G-Aunt lives across the XX tracks from Battery F and you can see the trees where it sits from her pastures.
  8. http://battleoffarmington.com/agenda.htm
  9. 51stTNMike

    Candle Crew

    Boy you can never miss Steve Reed and that beard.
  10. Interesting but understandable. I'm not for banning the flag for what it is or isn't, but if it's a municipal pole they have the right to ban it, or else you could put anything up there. Member of the SCV but you can only use that fight for certain things and IMO this ain't it.
  11. Cool, I had a Google Map of the park up while I was listening to it. Not as nice as being there but fun nonetheless.
  12. 51stTNMike

    Memorial Day

    If any of you guys and gals find yourself at the Park tomorrow, my unit will be at the Main Confederate Burial Trench for the Confederate Memorial service I think around 1230. This is the 26th year we've hosted a service at the Park, see you there! Thank you for all who have made the ultimate sacrifice, this country wouldn't be the same without it (hats off).
  13. I go back to Patrol in July and with a 6 on-3 off schedule it will be kind of screwy for awhile but this sounds great. I'll have to put it on the calender. Thanks Mona and Perry!
  14. Sounds like a plan, I have a birthday coming up in July.
  15. Was up around the Park Saturday and had enough time to run through and visit with a couple of the Rangers and take a couple of pics. Not the greatest with the sun and an Iphone, but my favorite two monuments.
  16. I'm kind of mad that I tried 4 times the other night to donate to the purchase of the piece of property and had problems every time with the site. Emailed CWT and told them of my disappointment, haven't heard back yet.
  17. Supposedly there was a landing down by Hageys Catfish Hotel, but that's just what I've been told. I've even heard it extended down south of the landing at the Park too?
  18. Never heard that before Grandpa.
  19. That was an awesome show, just so happen to run up on it 5 minutes after it started.
  20. Ran into Mona and Jim last night at the movie premier Perry, we were hoping you'd pop your head in. Between last week and last night I've used up my trips from the kids, especially Easter weekend so enjoy yourself and get your Shiloh fix!
  21. I'm the dude walking past the wall tent in the last shot. Suffering a horrific facial wound, I was not in the mood to parade for the camera. Course, it wouldn't have been possible since I was lying dead on my stomach in the big scene at the base of the tree in the foreground. You can see a white strap across my back. I'm honored to be in it.
  22. http://nashville.tennesseenewstv.com/2012/03/12/shiloh-fiery-trial/
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