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  1. We walked a trail leading from Shiloh Church to Rhea Springs a bunch back in the Spring going back to our camps in Rhea Field so it just seems logical he would have taken that route and ended up where I think he did. That pic I had on FB taken from the 57th Ohio's monument was pretty much in that tract of woods west of Waterhouse's Battery and shows where our camps were. Looking south past Rhea Springs into Rhea Field and our camps. The open field in the foreground is the field in front of Waterhouse's Battery and the little treeline just past it is Rhea Springs, The big tree in the middle of the pic is where Rhea Springs comes out of the ground on the side of the hill.
  2. I have nothing to back this up, but from being there numerous times, seeing where his camp would have been and where the troops supposedly came up out of the creek bottom to the west of Rhea Field (remember, everybody didn't come straight thru Fraley Field, the Confederate Army was coming from a southwest direction in a rather wide line of battle) and that he was supposedly shot at a distance of 50 yards, it would seem logical that Sherman would have been somewhere in the area of Waterhouse's forward battery. I think I remember hearing there was a wartime trail leading from Sherman's camp near Shiloh Church towards Rhea Springs and that would seem a logical way for him to arrive in Rhea Field. Like I said, I can't back any of this up but it seems to make sense to me knowing the lay of the land. Just my humble opinion. Mike
  3. Got to hang out at Shiloh with the staff most of the day on Friday doing a little makeup filming at Rhea Springs. They're all a great bunch of people and a pleasure to be around, Woody, Stacy, Joe, Chris, Charlie, Heather, Tim, Josh, and a few from Corinth. Good times, good times. Mike
  4. I ran by Corinth yesterday. Mike
  5. Sorry Sean, the places I have are strictly me and one other person or I would. Good luck. Mike
  6. 51stTNMike

    What holds it all up

    Nothing modern under here.
  7. I posted it a little confusing. Leonidas is James K's second cousin, Lucius is Leonidas' nephew.
  8. It's on the list, hopefully it won't take too long. Mike
  9. 51stTNMike


    Sláinte Paddy! Welcome from a Son of Ireland. My G, G, Grandfather McGee came to Canada from Limerick in the 1830s and somehow I landed in the US. Glad to have you here and please ask any question that pops up in your head and I'm sure somebody here can help you. Mike McGee
  10. Leonidas Polk- second cousin, Lucius Polk- nephew to Leonidas, drawing a blank on the other. The last question I'm gonna say ole James K. I'm not going to lie, Leonidas and James K. were relatively simple, I had to look up Lucius, no luck on the third. Mike
  11. Looks like he left himself an out: "if the tools are furnished me for the task to which I am assigned". Mike
  12. Me too, busy week, day and night.
  13. The Battle of Corinth, MS started today 149 years ago; 7,197 total casualties (US 2,359; CS 4,838). Battle of Corinth Anniversary Activities http://www.nps.gov/shil/parknews/battle-of-corinth-anniversary-activities.htm
  14. It's amazing that Memphis National Cemtery has the second largest unknown burials in the National Park Service at 7,500. As long as I've been going over there I'm still awestruck when I visit. The large number of hospitals located here during the Civil War and the Sultana sinking added to the numbers. Mike
  15. 51stTNMike

    1887 Reunion

    Just like you, he just had to be different didn't he Jim!
  16. You've got to be prepared for visitors with something like that on your property, I guess she wasn't........ Mike
  17. I don't know but I would hope they did something fitting for the brave soldiers that died there. I'll be down there Tuesday looking around, don't know if I can find anything out though. Mike
  18. Valid points Perry. I was never real familiar with Peabody's past, but comparing the two battles and his actions it makes sense to me that he was making up for his earlier mistakes (Not that he had alot of experience that early in the war). If his decisions at Shiloh are credible, it shows to me the actions of a very determined man. Mike
  19. 51stTNMike

    16th WI wagon

    Hey, I recognize that wagon. Sorry about the panels, kind of cheezy but all we can do right now. That's our 1862 Studebaker ambulance.
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