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  1. The 72nd OVI at Shiloh

    Perry, You are welcome. I will be going back to the Hayes Center in the near future, and I hope to copy more letters. I will post more as I get them. Jon
  2. The 72nd OVI at Shiloh

    Tom, You have a pm JB
  3. The 72nd OVI at Shiloh

    Stan, Thanks, it is nice to be able to put a face with the words. JB
  4. The 72nd OVI at Shiloh

    B, Not only do they have Great Stuff, they have a Great Staff, Very friendly, knowledgable, and very willing to help you find what you are looking for. JB Edit Here is a link to an online source where you can read Lemmon's entire speech. http://www.ohiomemor...SOPTR=448&REC=1
  5. The 72nd OVI at Shiloh

    Tom, Thanks. I do have copies of a couple of letters (also from the Hayes Center) written by men of the 72nd regarding the battle of Brice's crossroads. There's quite a bit more regarding the 72 Ohio at the Hayes Center that I haven't seen yet though. JB
  6. The 72nd OVI at Shiloh

    Stan, Would love to see the pictures you mentioned. I saw the photo of Chester Buckland in your gallery. Here is a link to a letter written by his brother Henry notifying their parents of Chester's injury. http://www.rbhayes.org/hayes/manunews/paper_trail_display.asp?nid=59&subj= JB
  7. The 72nd OVI at Shiloh

    Brief account of the 72nd's involvment in the battle. From the speech of Captain John M. Lemmon 72nd OVI Delivered at the Reunion of the 72nd O.V.I., Fremont, Oh., June 17, 1875 Note Shiloh account starts with the last paragraph on the first page.
  8. The 72nd OVI at Shiloh

    Brief account of the battle, and letter to a friend written by Ralph P. Buckland Col.72nd OVI
  9. The 72nd OVI at Shiloh

    Brief account of the 72nd on April 6th by Gotthilf Eberhard Sgt. Co. H 72nd OVI
  10. The 72nd OVI at Shiloh

    Letter from Johnathan F. Harrington Captain Co.A 72nd OVI
  11. The 72nd OVI at Shiloh

    Here are letters from William Caldwell, Steward / Asst. Surg 72nd OVI
  12. With the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Shiloh just around the corner I would like to share transcripts of some letters home that were written by men of the 72nd Ohio in the days following the Battle of Shiloh. I will also be posting 2 brief accounts of the 72nd's involvement in the battle written years after the battle by a Sgt.and a Captain of the 72nd, and also a brief account of the Battle written by Colonel R.P.Buckland who was in charge of the fourth brigade of the fifth division of the Army of the Tennessee at the battle. I came across these letters while researching my G Grandfather's civil war service at the R.B.Hayes Presidential Center. In Fremont Ohio. Please keep in mind that these are scans of copies and as such the legibility of some of the documents is not the best. I tried to clean them up to be easier to read but, was not very successful. Everything that I am posting here can be found at, and is posted with permission of the R.B.Hayes Presidential Center, Fremont Ohio http://www.rbhayes.org/ JB
  13. Historical society finds Civil War banner in attic

    Thanks for the info.
  14. Historical society finds Civil War banner in attic

    Does anyone know the approximate size of a flag like this? JB
  15. Happy Birthday Jon

    Hello, I want to belatedly thank you all for the birthday wishes. My wife is disabled and I am her 24/7 care giver and as such I don`t get on here as much as I would like to. I do enjoy very much reading the posts here as I learn something with almost every thing I read. Thanks again. Jon B.