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  1. mona

    Shiloh primary sources

    Thanks Ozzy and rwaller for the search tips I will work these ways!
  2. mona

    Shiloh primary sources

    hi there are several titles in this list i am interested in reading..do you know how to go about finding a copy..remember..im not that good on the computer..thanks! mona
  3. and the staging of vehicles sounds good to me.
  4. mona

    Baseball, anyone?

    thanks for this info...knew he had played base ball but not to this extent..
  5. mona

    James Veatch, 25th Indiana

    thanks for posting this!!! i could not atend d/t a memorial service i was part of at the church..
  6. well...we will be closer to the river when we stop for lunch..
  7. mona

    Cyrus Ballard, 54th OVI

    looks like a visit to the archives is in your future.
  8. Thanks...got you down... and if everybody else can let me know it will be great! or you will have to eat hardtack and water from the tennessee river--just kidding but i want to have plenty.
  9. mona

    Shiloh Memorial Park

    i cant figure out how to access this report...
  10. it would be good to know if you are coming...for the head count for lunch..then just show up with 30.00 in cash to pay Tim. you will have the time of your life!
  11. mona

    PVT Baker 25th Missouri

    and yall remember the little girl's diary..i cant think of her name..but she writes of small ravine filled with Confederate dead... i do know from tellings of older people way back that are gone now of seeing skeletal remains in some of these places...so some were not even buried just piled up..and you all know that it would be very easy for a wounded soldier to walk a piece before collapsing and dying and body not being found but hogs .later.
  12. mona

    PVT Baker 25th Missouri

    great article...also states they buried 700 in front of their camp...another unmarked trench.
  13. i have talked to the Park and they said there will be no problem with us parking there..scouts park there also.