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  1. mona

    17th Kentucky Diary-Lt. Sam Cox

    Jimj .just shows youve been up north TOO long.
  2. mona

    Grant's Shiloh Report

    On #15--"Nothing but hospitals and dead bodies--as long as Sherman pursued"....there was the "pursuit order" so this part of the report "overlooks" the fighting at fallen timbers.on the 8th.
  3. mona

    17th Kentucky Diary-Lt. Sam Cox

    i would have thought he would have mentioned the gunboats firing all nite of the 6th..a very interesting account..
  4. mona

    Whither the WHB?

    i did not know of the March incident thanks for the addition info.
  5. mona

    Whither the WHB?

    The W. H. Brown was a commercial steamer prior to the war.It was commissioned in to Federal service to be based from Cairo and service the mississippi river and its tributaries.On April 13 1864 the ship was used as support during the red River Camp. and in aid to the Chillicoathe it took fire from Confederate batteries and was disabled.was towed back to cairo for repairs.It was commisioned out from service at mound City 12-8-65 and later 8-17-65sold at auction to a RR Hudson who used it commercially untill 1875.
  6. mona

    6th Division, 1st contact

    do you think think that Prentiss' action toward Peabody was in a way trying to cover up he was not "doing his job " as not being on the look out for the confederate army..and Peabody was listening to all info tat was coming into camp? Also,wonder if Prentiss ever read Shea's book.....
  7. mona

    Shiloh primary sources

    Thanks Ozzy and rwaller for the search tips I will work these ways!
  8. mona

    Shiloh primary sources

    hi there are several titles in this list i am interested in reading..do you know how to go about finding a copy..remember..im not that good on the computer..thanks! mona
  9. and the staging of vehicles sounds good to me.
  10. mona

    Baseball, anyone?

    thanks for this info...knew he had played base ball but not to this extent..
  11. mona

    James Veatch, 25th Indiana

    thanks for posting this!!! i could not atend d/t a memorial service i was part of at the church..
  12. well...we will be closer to the river when we stop for lunch..
  13. mona

    Cyrus Ballard, 54th OVI

    looks like a visit to the archives is in your future.