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  1. Mona and Stones River

    thanks...i was think that since the fence was behind him with the little field.
  2. Louisiana Diary

    one wonders if her father felt the rumblings of problems and took forth this voyage as these lands/family might not be able to be visited in the near future.i do agree what a list of cities to see one more time before....
  3. Mona and Stones River

    is that nashville pike or wilkerson rd behind him?? im trying to figure out where he's at??is this where the pile of dirt came from? i can see a snake fence in the back.looks like an old home place by the big cedars along the lane...also one more reason to come..it will just get more and more dangerous to even drive and try to find these locations..
  4. T. Hurst remembers...

    i was just thinking after seeing the list of all the boats that wee churning up/down stream. wonder how this would have developed if this troop accumulation had been say in aug/sept..when its hot and very dry...the river would not be very navigatable to support this .before the river was channelized/dams built one could ride your horse accross in several spots.
  5. One more account

    wonder if will pope survived ? bardstown??alabama or kentucky??
  6. Neat account and picture

    he was so fortunate to have tripped!
  7. Mona and Stones River

    ive tried to reply to this many times and it wont load so im going this way...yall if you even have a slight desire to visit stones river nmp do so asap...it is disappearing before one's eye. Stan does an exceptional guided tour and really helps you "see" the battlefield/action despite all the development..it is dicey in some spots to pull over and look over the grounds..but you will not get out.. it is a forever lost...yall can read/study upon this battle and get out there and if you dont have Stan...you will be lost and confused...i thank you forever stan for the guided tour...there i absolutely no interpretation of the battle...and locations about...i think mufreesboro really missed an tremedous opportunity for the tourism dollars by allowing this to happen instead the want roads condos hotels,strip malls,homes(which i hope have ghosts),counrty club. dollars.we are SO fortunate to have our Shiloh!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Mona and Stones River

    i was trying to figure out which intersection that was...doesnt look that way now..does it.
  9. Mona and Stones River

    it would intersting to take Mike"s photos and do a "then and now"series...
  10. Hello From Kentucky

    i will get you the tour group info..i did one with them few years ago.
  11. Full Hospitals

    i remember back some time ago i heard at a surgeon's tent that one surgeon when being unable to obtain suture material in desparation used horse tail hair...to soften he boiled the hair then sutured the wounds..those wounds showed a tendancy to heal w/o infection. so medicine /surgery in the civil war was a learning process.
  12. Full Hospitals

    i bet at home wounds were treating like this...so he learned from his mama.so might explain why those that did get to go home recovered at a higher percentile.
  13. Full Hospitals

    yes even the "full rations" did not contain enough nutrients to maintain a healthy body wt let along sustain the energy needs to march and/or the exposure to the harsh elements. many soldier were young men still needing nutrition for growth and were used to eating well at home.
  14. 156th Battle Anniversary

    glad you enjoyed the eggs...but i cant have any chickens d/t my dog.