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    that auction guy cowan..had an ancestor that rode with morgan
  2. Value of the POWs

    no but did see Andrew Johnson jr from greeneville,TN on another capture list..
  3. McArthur (part 2)

    one just never knows when the anser will be discovered..very interesting find!
  4. Who was In Charge?

    do you think that Sherman was specifcally chosen d/t Grant knowing that he would not likely take action on the reports of the Confederate Army being nearer.But felt if McClernand was in charge he-McClernand would investigate these"demonstrations" which would lead to bringing on an engagement.?
  5. Thank You, Major Reed

    no harm done at all....i didnt take your post in an harmful way..
  6. Thank You, Major Reed

    i visited gettysburg couple weeks ago for the 155th....this was my first...i have no pictures d/t my less than 1 yr old camera defective..also visited wilderness/spotsylvania,fredricksburg,chancellorsville,harpers ferry,antietam...anyway...spent several days they ..Tony was a great guide!!.and got to do the picketts charge hike with matt atkinson...my ancestor was killed during this action..and still remains there..i also found the lack of interpretation ..several who i have talked to when i returned asked me what i thought of the battlefield....i always answered...im glad i finally got to visit and enjoyed my stay ....BUT it is not Shiloh... im going to have to look up the gopher guy...if he;s buried in galipolis ill have to find his grave..im going there next month to visit buffington island and where jiohn hunt morgan surrendered.
  7. The View at 100

    i thought drones were prohibited.
  8. Bragg at Corinth

    Thank you!!!
  9. Missing Cavalry?

    i think i will try that ill trust them better than the internet
  10. Bragg at Corinth

    do you know what he means by "reduced to the Fabian policy"?

    in basil duke's history of morgans calvary he writes that they rode upon a section of troops dressed in blue. and when a platoon was ordered to cautiously approach them they saw 'a little man flourishing a portentous saber and directing movements with off hand eloquence.they forbore fire as they did not understand what he said.from his volume,imprecatory sound of the language determined to be french.and from louisiana.this group of soldiers were members of Col Mouton's 18th LA.Their uniform cost them dearly before the fight was over."
  12. Missing Cavalry?

    Absolutely..from the desperation they were experiencing with loss of manpower and ammunition you would have beleived that every weapon and man would be used and even arm the horses if they could have.
  13. Missing Cavalry?

    yes Shiloh is 2 volumes..I ordered it and got 1 shiloh and 1 atlanta campaign(was invoiced the 2 Shiloh ones but) I just have horrible luck purchasing anything from internet.
  14. Missing Cavalry?

    a rare report...no casulities.

    I would think his accent would not be like others from iowa