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  1. Hi from Chattanooga

    Welcome to the group!
  2. Epic Trek 2017: Update

    you know what i mean...i dont think you can have adult beverages there. i can get you a can of tuna
  3. Epic Trek 2017: Update

    i know its 2 months from now...but if any hikers have any special lunch needs let me know...
  4. Epic Trek 2017: Update

    its also veterans day and there are several activities planned in hardin co. have you checked pickwick state park lodge?
  5. Epic Trek 2017: Update

    you might want to consider staying in savannah...i hope others will give an opinion---as after that hike you might not want to drive that far..
  6. Epic Trek 2017: Update

    i will need a head count closer to the date...cant wait!
  7. Name that Road

    i am going say --us grant...he arrived in savannah march 17th and he rode down to the landing several times..and on one trip the horse slipped in the mud and this is were he received the severe injury to his leg.
  8. 2017 Epic Trek Topic Announcement

    looking forward to meeting you..it will be here before you know it!
  9. 2017 Epic Trek Topic Announcement

    mike...im not sure of the cost this year but Perry usually has everybody pay in advance --so we have a headcount look back at previous years hilke info and it should be there and then just send him a message and he'll explain..looking forward to meeting you..and we'll have lunch somewhere along the way..i have lunch onboard for everybody.
  10. Name that Road

    yes this part of the road is flat then one will go down a good hill to the bottom..which alot of the time one would need boots to slosh through to get to the bridge site.because you are walking through the bottom
  11. Whitelaw Reid

    i'll take a chance..was hard to read --no blame but on me i cant figure how to get the green color off--but 2-false he was at crump's 1-false -because he returns with others about a week later 3-true along with prentiss 4-false he writes it was after 10am 5-true..he galantly describes websters actions on the 6th 6-i have no idea couldnt read that part
  12. "On the Cover of the Rolling Stone..."

    ive never seen this note before. on page 74 of duke's hx of morgans calvary..he writes that due to his services of recently he(morgan) was given commission of colonel to take effect 4-4-62 .and recieves assurance-or what he constured to be that he was permitted to continue to act independenty and follow his favorite service with stronger force and larger scale. so maybe...with all that was to come over the next few days nobody really knew of his new rank..wonder if the news just took more days to reach lee.
  13. "On the Cover of the Rolling Stone..."

    there are some Hariisons that have owned property for a long time ...the roads are around here named after long time land owners
  14. "On the Cover of the Rolling Stone..."

    i believe as you write that morgan's squadron was in the rear guard but probably not at fallen timber as i believe duke would have surely mentioned it...the action on the 10th is more liking to the action duke describes.. duke does "embelish" the description of the battle as a victory..the only thing i can come up with is yes the confederate army did stp the federals from approach to corinth ...just a delay.
  15. yes there are many locations where a trail sign could be but they really require a "sponser" and a land owner willing to allow sign placed and provide enuf pulloff space for a vehicle and yearly insurance(which had already paid for itself at Fallen Timbers when it was stolen couple yrs back a new one was put up in a very timely fashion) .also there are locations that could have one that the land owner either doesnt know the history of the location or doesnt care 9