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  1. mona

    Do You Know Grant?

    Also..Grant was a pretty good artist.
  2. mona

    Do You Know Grant?

    i was referencing Grant titles by Smith,Kaltman and McFeely for help but had to go to grant himself for a couple...Had to answer in bits and pieces in between work..cant believe somebody else didnt jump in and finish before I found the answers.
  3. mona

    Shelby Foote

    This was an interesting interview..and Ive always loved to hear him speak..maybe go to Mississippi Public Broadcast TV and look for pod cast there...
  4. mona

    Shelby Foote

    I wanted to let you know that this evening 1-7-19 @8:30 CST on Mississippi Public Broadcast TV will air an 1983 interview with Mr Foote. Also I heard an interview on radio while driving--Could not write man's name down...but the topic was on mississippi authors in early 1900's. The tale goes that Shelby Foote got into a bit of trouble in school and was suspended a week .His parents sent him to this gentleman's fine home and he then sat him down in his library and told him his punishment was to stay there and read the entire week. ..I didnt know where else to place this topic.
  5. mona

    Do You Know Grant?

    5...Julia...after she saw this picture she didnt like the "two storied" beard appearance and also disapproved of his hat..that even to me ..seems a size or two too same.
  6. mona

    Do You Know Grant?

  7. mona

    Do You Know Grant?

    #4 Missouri
  8. mona

    Do You Know Grant?

    #6 California
  9. mona

    Do You Know Grant?

    #2 Buena Vista
  10. mona

    Do You Know Grant?

  11. mona

    Do You Know Grant?

    #7---False..yes Grant did suffer with terrible migranes but alcohol was never used. He opted for mustard plasters and treatment like this.The migrane attacks did render him down and out which may have fulled the talk of drinking to point of passing out..but it was the migranes that laid him out.Also ,he contracted malaria in 1852 while in Isthmus of Panama and this condition also puts one to bed and even after"recovery" flare ups do return.So either medical condition or both arising at the same time would really prostrate him to sick bed.
  12. mona

    Most important times

    Right..I didnt put all this in my comment.I guess Grant thought he didnt want that valuable timepiece to become lost/captured.
  13. mona

    Most important times

    have you read where Grant did not have his time piece with him.I read this a few days ago.
  14. mona

    Shiloh Primary Sources No.2

    I have a deck of these!
  15. mona

    Name this man (2).

    yes the last clue helped. id this individual.