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    I would think his accent would not be like others from iowa
  2. Battle of Shiloh

    i could not either find her trip to the south used in any of her other books..i really didnt know the extent of the little colonel series..
  3. Battle of Shiloh

    Ozzy, Do you know if a book was written about the story or just the poem? I looked at the book list but could not find a title that seemed to cover that story line Than ks Mona

    Oh please dont get Jim started again!

  6. Urgent offer to Bragg

    i was wondering as i read this if bragg's reply is available.
  7. Battle of Shiloh

    and that's the rest of the story!! thank you for this information!!
  8. Epic Hike 2018 Suggestions

    You are absolutely right...one has NOT hike Shiloh unless they have crossed Dill Branch..if there is some water..brownie points!!because until you've done this one can not really ascertain what the soldiers had to traverse through in the battle action.the tour road gives the visitor the total different idea of the ground that was involved throughout both days of fighting..
  9. Epic Hike 2018 Suggestions

    You are joking...we would all be forever banned
  10. Mona, Happy Birthday!

    Thank you very much for the birthday wishes ..I have watched this movie many times and find it a treasure.
  11. Crisis at the Crossroads hike (video)

    Technical problems ...will return ...be patient..thats what tv used to announce
  12. Epic Hike 2018 Suggestions

    if those that wish to traverse Dill Creek ravine...it can be made available to those that havent done it yet...i do beleive the most of us have more than several times...but folloeing a unit would be good...kind of like how we retraced the steps of Prentiss" men in April..with Bjorn.That was a good hike.
  13. CCC Wall

    yes there was alot more CCC work present in the past. Also..can anybody else tell where this is???
  14. Battle of Shiloh

    Thank You!!! I have had a copy of this long time ago.But have lost it.Ive been searching for it but you are the best at finding things.Thank You again!! This paints in words what we all know happened.
  15. Wisconsin photos vis-à-vis Shiloh

    yes its good to have friends in high places...got the main historian to open up and give me a tour! it was great!until he mentioned they had just taken down all their Shiloh displays(i asked him would he put it all out again if i gave him a heads up if i every return)it is worth going up there also go on to the capital and then jim can take you to the cemetery where the confederates are buried..but the monument will be gone...it has fallen prey to "pc". did get to see the cannon captured at Shiloh!
  16. Lee surrenders.

    thaank you for this info...does his dicate where he was mustered out? Memphis? ...
  17. Lee surrenders.

    ozzy---so your ancestor died somewhere in 1866 and this is a memorial to his life.but i cant read the tall stone..what does it say?
  18. Lee surrenders.

    well... call be stupid...but yes i bet that would be hard to do...thanks for catching my brainless comment.
  19. Lee surrenders.

    did i miss something or did find a grave page not have a picture of his grave?
  20. Anniversary Hikes

    Derrick it was a pleasure to meet you nad like you i do hope you can arrange a visit in the future. Ozzy.Soon there should be videos of several of the hikes posted by Tony. we all had a great time even if we were rained and snowed on and didnt see the sun but for a few hours Sunday am. And i was COLD and WINDY!
  21. Shiloh from the air

    Stan..this is very impressive...it looks "diiferent ' from the air as compared to the trailhead map...and much larger.
  22. Anniversary Hikes

  23. Visiting Fort Henry

    but you know someone somewhere has the text documents for each stop.
  24. Weapons at Shiloh

    exactly..i you know thre had to be some on both sides..esp. the northern cities young men didnt have much opportunity to have a weapon...