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    Perry I to found the mana heading and wondered about it but the "help" didnt help me any I guess I'm going to have to find me a teenager to explain. mona
  2. mona

    Shiloh Cyclorama

    Thank you Belle for the link I'd remembered after my post yesterday about the Chicago showing and looked up my scant notes I got from talking w Tim Smith some time ago.But this monolith goes into very thoroughly .Will have to make a copy of this for my files.Thank you again. //Mona//
  3. mona

    Shiloh Cyclorama

    Hi what I've been told when I've asked the various rangers at Shiloh that they can account for 2 maybe 3 panels but the rest ???.One of which is a cover for one of Tim Smith's books.They could be back behind a dust filled storage bldg and long ago forgotten about. mona
  4. mona

    To Mona

    So far I'm having a wonderful day-and opening this up-Just like a present from all my shiloh friends -just tops it all.Thank you so much and i hope that all you have a pleasant day. Mona:D
  5. Hello everyone The weather has turned off wickedly cold almost like last year ,so its good we had the weather that we had for anniversary weeknd.first I want to thank you Perry for my Confederate Monument avatar its perfect.and I will get started with Fallen Timbers hopefully tomorrow , do not have my notebook with me.Also may be we can drive it next year.Its really nice to make sense of what I have driven by for quite sometime and knew it happened right along here somewheres.Also Iheard that Dr jeff really enjoyed the hikes and hopes to return now we just need Bjorn also to study on returning --Right . Mona
  6. Perry I think that dividing the forum per year is the way to go so each person can pick the year and go to the hikes for a review and save time going thru it all.I`ve got all my notes on 4-8 "Fallen Timbers" just about ready just wish i had a way to put up the pictures.I'm slowly getting set.I heard from many after that car tour that it was the best -from new participants and many of the veterans of the past 2 days.Of course I thought it was the best.:)I'll wait till you all get the other hikes entered so we can keep the time line. mona
  7. Just found out from rangers at the park(called me at 5pm thurs.)to let me know that all Living History events have been cancelled due to all the rains the area was almost in standing water and where parking was going on would result in alot of people getting stuck.But they will have some programs going on as Bjorn and Jeff will be there.So look me up I'll try to get out there by noon you can ask the rangers my office number.This kind of works for me as my Memphis State Tigers Tip off at 5:07 pm.But the hikes are still on schedule so hope to see yall then. Mona
  8. Hi The weather forcast is continuing to hold up --Havy rain/storms for Thurs and Fri.then become partly cloudy with 10% chance of showers bur that seems to be becoming less and less(I hope so)BUT the temp is expecting daytime temp 70's and evening 50's .--How nice!But,do prepare for very wet walks and standing water in the fields.Hope every one has a wonderful visit.Hope to see some of you Sat.and if any body wants to volunteer to park cars on Sat they are still looking_call the Visitor center. Mona
  9. Hi I hope you all have a safe trek down to the Park this weekend.I will be helping park cars Sat.either at the Visitors center or at Water Oaks Pond area they will decide that am .So look me up maybe we can get together.Now to the weather it will bw wet,wet,wet.This past Sat. I tagged along with rebel and his group(Thank You I learned some things and will always every trip I take on the Park.)and the water was just running down Sunken road and standing in the fields so I dont know where all the rain is going to go that we are going to receive over the next 5 days.I'll keep up with the forcast--BUT as Perry said the temps are much more spring like so get out your hip boots and rain gear. Mona.
  10. hi--! saw yesterday where I hope it's you had posted that you are bringing a college group down this weekend?If so let me know you're schedule and I can tag catch up with youall and tag along .Always learn someting on every group hike I can attend and sat are good fro Iam off after midday and can start up with you after youre lunch break so please let me know. Mona
  11. Hi--Yes you all need to bring lunch-I always bring some chairs and set up under a shade tree in the parking lot at the visitor center-I park there a 4:30 to get the good spot because by the time we'll be in visitors may have taken it.Also bring some water to carry along if it is warm didnt need that last year thoiugh.and there is a fountain out from the bathrooms toward the bookstore for refills.If it is warm you'll need to bring sunscreen -I've seen boyscouts come on Living history days and be blistered horrible by mid afternoon.Now fro camping the TVA campgrounds that i was telling you about do fill up faster that state park the have no hookups like for tents and full hookup sites.(1-731-689-5290 is theTVA # you call and they'll switch you over to the right person-or that is what some people who camp there told me.)If I can be of any help let me know I've also found #'s for the campground right before you get to Shaw's on 22 if any body's looking. Mona
  12. Perry, I really did enjoy reading Bjorn's writing on Bierce.I beleive it was year before last that he led a hike following his footsteps.I just dont know if the library has pdf fro printing I'll have to wait because the charge 50cents/page.Maybe someday. Mona
  13. mona

    New board

    Perry, Thanks for theinfo ijust learn about the computer as I go along and all the little signalling devices .As I've said before I need a teenager to guide me thru but the one at the library today is not any help. Mona
  14. Hi --just some info that I posted that Perry let me know didnt move over and is important to all that are planning to attend this year's hikes.Joe Davis at the park asked me to pass along to all to please sign up for the hikes and leave a e-mail contact so if there are any changes you can be notified.Probably just a precaution unless we get blown away in a tornado-it's been a few but powerful late winter so far here.Also Perry I just remembered another camp ground TVA campground just below the Pickwick Dam on the north west side of 128S of savannah.I'll get more info and send to you.I have to contact you this way as the CyberNazi the have installed here at this public library wont allow e-mail to go out-I can receive e-mail>I guess I'm going to have come in on evening and "capture" a teenager to show me how the get around it.Solong for now . ona
  15. mona

    New board

    Well the new board is worth the wait .This my first day to get to sit down and go through all sections.I have a question-what does the little red "X" in a white box above one's name stand for? Good bye for now-Mona
  16. in reference to April events on April 6/7th 2008 I know this so far from my visit this past wed.Living History will be that Sat/Sun-this envolves encampments with artillary,calvary,infantry demonstrations-there will not be an issue of being too crowded the park does an very good job of setting this up and parking is only an issue if we.ve had alot of rain-parking is in on of the fields,so come on down.Now the hikes are still in the planning stages and as soon as I know I'll post information.The also have in previous years some setup as visitors center with navy info -rec go there early those guys dont stay late on sunday-have to travel back long way home.
  17. mona

    Places to Stay

    The Days Inn at Savannah has never let me down when people have come in,the motel at crump is closest but I dont have any experience nor do locals I ask about so it'll be up to you ,Ive had bad experiences w deerfield in in adamsvill-dirty-but a lot of out of state vehicles a stay there,there is another motel here in adamsville-Old Home place -simple nothing fancy.there is a state park inn at Pickwick Tn 75-82.00/nite.As far as places to eat--Savannah has every fast food place you can think of,Hagys in shiloh is good if you can beat the crowd,Unfortunately Shaws closed down in early sept."07-I've not heard a reason but it was the best place to eat and had great service,there is a eatery in the state park inn at Pickwick,in adamsville there is a Mexican place and a new place-Sawmeal -which is good.there is also a chinese place in savannah.You all inquired about a research library-the have books at Shiloh but from my experience the are all very old and they dont want to put them to much handling but at the corinth Interpretive Center they have a very visitor friendly library with many volumes.Oh'I forgot one other place to eat -Hickory pit- just as you come into savannah off the bridge you cant miss it -pretty good local flavor food-BBQ.
  18. Well,Perry I figured the driving tour scheduled for Tuesday would be somewhat inconvienent for many.Maybe on a future visit we could get together and drive it and I'll show youall around the Fallen Timbers route.The Blue and Gray issue that has the driving tour info can be purchased at the bookstore.Also.This comuter and me are butting heads about replying to your last E-mail to me about the new whatver you call it -it wont let me send an e-mail nor reply to yours.So it says"The webpage is unavailable"gosh I see that come up SOOOO much and dont know what's going on.so i've not peeked in on it.There is not anything new going on at the park except something I'd have to show youall-I was sworn to secrecy about this but its not Battle related.Also,Joe Davis says that Bjorn and the other guy who is going to lead the hikes are both Volunteering (even if they are not U of Tennessee grads)Hope to here from youall soon.
  19. Just to let you prepare for the Tuesday driving tour to "Fallen Timbers" there is a discusion with odometer readings of "Fallen Timbers"region in Blue and Gray issue "Shiloh" Idont have it with me so I cant tell you the page #.We will be going thru some "rough"areas so dont judge all of us locals by what you see,please!But this should be interesting and something I campaigned for since last year.
  20. Hi -- Down here in Hardin co_shiloh NMP-yesterday the 27th did turn into a beautiful day the sun finally came out and was about 48 degrees.Nice for a Park visit and this time if year there are more whitetails than visitors --Very Peacefull.Do hope we have days like yesterday's weather than the record breaking spring freeze we had last anniversary weekend for this coming April's events at the park.Hope to see alot of you here and I'll post info when the rangers have put every thing set.
  21. After peeking in -the wait appears to be worth it.I just hope my internet computer skills get better as I have all kinds of problems down here.I'm just going to have to realize I'm going to have to get a internet hook up at the office and quit the library,so I can have more time to put on here all the info I've researched on topics you've had discussions on .
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