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    questions about colonels

    Thanks again, Ron, good stuff. I've turned up a few things, too, googling Murray's name. He was evidently a judge from Gainesboro, Tennessee, before the war, and given a regiment by Governor Harris. He was elected to the Confederate Congress from the Jackson County district after he was not re-elected colonel by the regiment in May 1862. There's also a diary of a Spencer Talley of the 28th Tennessee online, and he gives a very general description of the regiment at Shiloh. It's hard to tell what they did there, or who was in charge, although they must have done some fighting, because he mentions casualties. I haven't looked at Statham's Shiloh report in the O.R. yet (if there is one). I'll check there tonight. Larry
  2. larrytagg

    questions about colonels

    Thanks very much for this, Ron. I, also, have seen some OOBs with Col. Murray in command, and some with Lt. Col. Brown in command. Interesting that there should be such a black hole where the 28th Tennesseeis concerned. There is also no mention of the activities of the 28th in the books you mentioned (although I'll look again, I might be wrong.) It's also hard to find out when or under what circumstances Murray left the regiment. I'll report back if I find out anything. Larry
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    questions about colonels

    Hello, My name is Larry Tagg. I'm working on research for a Shiloh computer game. I'm gathering information on regiment leaders so that the historical regiments will behave realistically. So here's for starters: Anyone know anything about Colonel Uriah T. Brown of the 28th Tennessee? Thanks, Larry