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  1. Pennsylvania Cajun

    Another Site About Artillery

    This site contains some useful information but has not been updated since 2000.
  2. Pennsylvania Cajun

    Cannon Found in Pee Dee River

    They should be a 7-inch Brooke, a 6.4-inch Brooke, and a 9-inch Dahlgren.
  3. Pennsylvania Cajun

    Cannon Found in Pee Dee River

    Wonder why the newspaper didn't report on what kind of cannons they were? Too stupid to understand artillery lingo? Inquiring minds need to know. Does the "America's Civil War" article describe them?
  4. Pennsylvania Cajun

    Artillery quiz #1

    Ron, I knew you would get this one. As you know, Captain Harman Doane was the commander, and the company at least had a full complement of officers. I do not recall how many enlisted men had actually been enlisted when the city fell. I've seen conflicting information about how many cannon they had. Art
  5. Pennsylvania Cajun

    Artillery quiz #1

    Being patient is not necessarily one of my strong suits, just ask my wife! When might we expect an answer to this quiz?
  6. Pennsylvania Cajun

    Artillery Quiz #2

    Who pays air fare to get to the meal?
  7. Pennsylvania Cajun

    Artillery quiz #1

    No fair!!! Or is it a trick question? What time frame?
  8. Pennsylvania Cajun

    Shiloh Top 7 Book List

    Ron, Having been about where you are on a couple of my publishing projects, I can appreciate your desire to be as thorough as possible. Several good friends told me concerning my research on Louisiana Confederate units to "publish already"! And I reached that point where I made the hard decision to stop researching and start writing. I am interested in reading your book when it is done, particularly what you will have to say about the Ruggles/Shoup "battery." Art
  9. Pennsylvania Cajun

    Future Publication

    It may be possible to track the progress of this book at Cozzens' Web site: www.petercozzens.com
  10. Pennsylvania Cajun

    Future Publication

    At a Civil War symposium this weekend, I learned from Peter Cozzens that his current project is a book on Shiloh. He promised that he will not neglect coverage of the second day. If you are familiar with Pete's previous works, you can anticipate that he will do a great job with this one. No projected publication date yet.
  11. Pennsylvania Cajun

    Surgeon Andrew J. Foard

    Hey, guys, be nice now! Dr. Samuel Choppin's name is pronounced show-pan, kinda like the composer though no relation.
  12. Pennsylvania Cajun

    Surgeon Andrew J. Foard

    Perry, Thanks for looking. There is some evidence that Foard went from Bragg's to Johnston's staff prior to the battle. If that is true, the question becomes where was he when Johnston was wounded.
  13. Pennsylvania Cajun

    Surgeon Andrew J. Foard

    Andrew J. Foard was Medical Director on the staff of Sidney Johnston at Shiloh, having been on Bragg's staff previously. Does anyone know anything about his activities on April 6? In particular, I am interested in learning where he was when Johnston received his fatal wound.
  14. Pennsylvania Cajun

    Mystery Cannons

    Ron, I think it's a good bet that the cannons came from such a source. Looking at the ORs again, I see that Ruggles sent the 24-pounders to Walker from Corinth. They may have been there waiting shipment to some other area when the need for them along the Tennessee River arose.
  15. Pennsylvania Cajun

    Mystery Cannons

    This question probably will not have an easy answer. On March 12, Confederate soldiers under the command of Captain Solomon S. Calhoon, 9th Mississippi Infantry, manned two 24-pounder cannons near Eastport and exchanged fire with the Union gunboats "Tyler" and "Lexington." From where did these two heavy guns come and what happened to them after the engagement? Sources indicate that they had been sent to Brigadier General Leroy P. Walker at Florence in February. Calhoon's men were assigned to them because they had been trained at artillerists at Pensacola. The cannons might have been at Montgomery or Selma, or they might have been sent from Mobile. At some point in time, the cannons must have been removed from the earthwork battery and sent to a place of safety. This inquiring mind would like to know.....