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  1. Cobb was out of it after the counterattack. The sources that say the 14th Wisconsin overran or captured the guns are wrong. Cobb didn't fire a shot on day 2 and the 14th Wisconsin didn't arrive until day 2. 14th Wisc likely captured guns of Jefferson's Battery or the Washington Artillery. --Nick
  2. Most of the books can be found on ebay from time to time for around $50. I've never seen the Illinois or Michigan books for sale I had to do ILL to see a copy. And then just xerox everything I wanted. If you're looking for something I'd be happy to scan some pages. --Nick
  3. Several states did monument books for Shiloh. Wisconsin, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana and Illinois all have them. The 77th Penn did one too that has alot of Shiloh stuff but also handles their other battles/monuments. Iowa did one that covered all of its monuments that they did in the west (not sure any Iowa troops fought in Virginia). Confederate states don't seem to have printed a book, instead there is just several pages in Confederate Veteran magazine around the time of the monument's dedication. --Nick
  4. I'm with the Rocky Mountain Civil War Roundtable in Littleton Colorado (southwest Denver suburb). Our next meeting is May 10 and I'm doing a critical decisions of Shiloh presentation. While Raith didn't exactly do anything to qualify as critical I thought it'd be a nice touch. I'll try the park, like you say can't hurt to ask. --Nick
  5. Does anyone know where I can find a picture of Julius Raith? I'm doing a Shiloh presentation to my roundtable and have pictures of the other brigade commanders who were killed. If I don't have a picture of him its not the end of the world just thought it would be a nice touch. I tried google but most hits for him are from orders of battle or rosters. --Nick
  6. Oh I didn't realize one had to join the yahoo group to see them. I'll post them on my blog, I'll do it yet tonight. Its: http://shilohnick.blogspot.com/ I've started to post my critical Shiloh decisions presentation in serial form on there. --Nick
  7. I wasn't sure how to post here so I posted in on the roundtable's yahoo group. Go to http://groups.yahoo.com/group/RockyMtnCWRT/ and then click on "photos" and it is in the album titled "Tigress Flagpole." If someone knows how to post them on this site I'd be happy to post them here too, I just couldn't figure it out and this way was quick and easy. --Nick
  8. Yeah most presentations go about an hour. We have the room til 8:30 and we start the presentation near 7 pm, after the raffle and brief announcements. So about an hour is average. I went a little longer than most but I knew that going in, and I think the audience knew that too. I'm doing another presentation in August and that one I want a bit more discussion afterwards so I'll try to trim it to 45 minutes or less. I didn't mention this board but I'm also the roundatble's newsletter editor and have thought of including it there. And when I get into Shiloh on the blog I'll mention it there too. --Nick
  9. I do have a picture of the flagpole. And it is the Custom House museum as someone else mentioned. Where would be a good place to post it? My presentation went well. I was okay on time, I'm always concerned I'll have to skip stuff because I go too long, but i hit it at right about an hour and 15 minutes so that was good. There were a few slides I should add and a few slides to remove. I made a mistake in assuming the audience knew all the generals so when I put up a pic of Beauregard or Johnston I just put it up and kept talking, so I should have put it up and mentioned who it was and maybe a sentence biography. I don't think anyone had any beefs with my conclusions about particular decisions. There was a good Q&A session afterwards. But overall it went well. I was thinking of eventually posting it on my blog, maybe 2-3 decisions per day so it wouldn't be a huge post. Right now I'm posting stuff about my Antietam trip and probably have another week or so of those posts, so maybe I'll do Shiloh decisions after that. --Nick
  10. I don't know if the Tigress was salvaged but the flagpole was. Its in a museum in Cairo, I went there with the purpose of seeing that flagpole. Museum itself was pretty good but the flagpole was the highlight for me. --Nick
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