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  1. WI16thJim

    Odd Interlude

    My older brother was a pin setter in the 50's. He really hated it when someone jumped the gun and rolled the ball when he was in the pit, even with the guard down. Jim
  2. WI16thJim

    Tours of Shiloh

    Larry DeBarry @ Shiloh Tours and Museum gives great tours and his museum is a must see. Larry's a pretty cool relic too! https://shilohtours.com/
  3. WI16thJim

    Epic Trek with Tim 2018: Sweet Home Alabama Edition

    Sat, Nov. 3 forecast for those who believe that the weatherman is capable of predicting the weather more than an hour in the future: https://www.accuweather.com/en/us/crump-tn/38327/daily-weather-forecast/2085479?day=7
  4. WI16thJim

    17th Kentucky Diary-Lt. Sam Cox

    My mistake. I meant the 16th WI, although a portion of the 18th WI ended up with the 16th after the initial attack.
  5. WI16thJim

    17th Kentucky Diary-Lt. Sam Cox

    The 18th WI fought with this brigade Sunday afternoon after relieving the 44th Ind. that had exhausted their ammo supply. They stayed with Lauman the rest of the day and the next.
  6. WI16thJim

    Goodbye to a friend

    When I first meet CD, he spent the better part of a day showing me sites related to the battle that are not on the Park. The man was generous with his time and willing to help anyone. A rare man indeed. I don't know if we realize just yet in how many ways he will be missed. RIP buddy.
  7. WI16thJim

    Epic Trek with Tim 2018: Sweet Home Alabama Edition

    " water from the tennessee river" Jeez, the lest ya could do was give em water from Rhea Springs.
  8. WI16thJim

    PVT Baker 25th Missouri

    " OK, I know that someone will claim that the 16th Wisconsin killed them all." Claim?
  9. WI16thJim

    New 16th Wisconsin Infantry album

    Thanks Tom.
  10. WI16thJim

    New 16th Wisconsin Infantry album

    OK, now I'm confused. Everything I've ever found on the 16th WI rifle at Shiloh stated they had 69 caliber Belgian rifles, which weren't very popular.
  11. WI16thJim

    New 16th Wisconsin Infantry album

    Company E was the company that carried the flags. The circle of honor at the cannon in Shiloh's cemetery are the headstones of six members of Company E.
  12. WI16thJim

    The View at 100

    The billboard in the parking lot in front of the VC has a notice that drones are prohibited.
  13. WI16thJim

    Axe about Abatis

    Stan, "cutting down numerous trees and letting them fall helter skelter would effectively break up advancing lines of battle". Kinda sounds like Fallen Timbers, doncha think? Except, I believe nature did the felling at fallen timbers. Jim
  14. WI16thJim

    Bragg's Letter of April 8

    The man's name sure does describe him. Too bad he was the only good man in the Reb army, else they would have won in a cake walk.
  15. WI16thJim

    Bait and Switch

    Buell suffered an ailment of many early war officers. Over inflated ego and a belief they were the only one capable of command.