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  1. Win a Free Book!

    Jeeez Perry. Looks like a can of worms got opened!
  2. C. F. Smith

  3. Howdy

    Ozzy, " With 1029 more casualties, obviously the Federals did not win..." I've always considered that the side that holds the battlefield when all is said and done determines who won the battle. Jim
  4. Win a Free Book!

    Anyone notice we have just reached 300 members? Isn't it time for our illustrious leader to provide an all expenses paid trip to Shiloh contest to celebrate? Jim
  5. Civil War Trust

    The CWT has announced they are attempting to acquire a large part of Dr. Patterson's property on the south border: http://www.civilwar.org/battlefields/shiloh/maps/shilohmap.html Jim
  6. Civil War Trust

    I believe the part near the road and the house area.
  7. Civil War Trust

    Doc Patterson said he was keeping the house and some of the land. Jim
  8. Civil War Trust

    Ron, isn't that the spot where you 1st encountered your flock of raging bulls? Jim
  9. Shiloh's Road Network

    Stacy Allen is still @ Shiloh. I think he is a permanent fixture. Jim
  10. The Lead Up

    I think you are off as to A.S. Johnston's troop strength. He had to know the Yanks were going to invade, but where? Down the west bank of the Mississippi? Down the Mississippi? Up the Tenn. River? Up the Cumberland River? East Tenn. from Virginia (future West Virginia)? Moving a large army east and west in a hurry would have been impossible. By strengthening any one place, he would have weakened another, making that point vulnerable to rapid invasion to which he would have been hard pressed to meet in a timely manner. Johnston was in a damned if you, damned if you don't hopeless situation. Jim
  11. Hello All

    If Grant's army would have been destroyed or captured @ Shiloh, the whole war could have been lost. The Rebels would have had free reign in the West for at least a year. Grant, Sherman and possibly other important Yankee leaders would have been disgraced or even killed, which would have set back the future successes in the East and the West. Foreign governments may have seen the victory as a good reason to recognize the south. The repercussions would have echoed for years. And the the worst possible outcome, the 16th WI could have gotten wiped out, killing my grandfather and preventing my birth. Jim
  12. Hello All

  13. Howdy

    Army? Navy? Marines? You should have tried the best! The USAF! I won't hold it against you though. Welcome to the SDG. Jim
  14. History repeats...

    I believe the South Carolina Nullification of 1832 showed that the Federal Government would not allow seccession. Jim
  15. My post is here...

    " U.S. Grant (August 1867-December 1867) Appointed to the position by President Johnson in an effort to force Stanton out. Never confirmed by Congress [Veteran of Fort Donelson and Shiloh, of course.]" This is a bit of new info for me. Thanks. Jim
  16. Second Shiloh civilian casualty

    Makes one wonder if he didn't end up in one of the trenches.
  17. War artist, Alex Simplot

    The WI Historical Society has some of his prints: http://www.wisconsinhistory.org/Content.aspx?dsNav=Ntk:P_CreatorName|Simplot|3|,N:1136 Jim
  18. War artist, Alex Simplot

    I wonder if he was related to the founder of J.R. Simplot Company of Idaho. Jim
  19. Irascible Major Reed

    Great post Oz! Jim
  20. WI Monument

    On this date 110 years ago the Wisconsin Monument was dedicated at Shiloh NMP. It established the style for future Shiloh state monuments. Jim
  21. Shiloh Battlefield Tour

    It has been a few years since I've done the driving tour, so I figured It was time. First stop, of course, is the Visitor Center to pick up a tour map Tour Stop #1 Grant's Last Line Tour Stop #2 Confederate Monument Tour Stop #3 Duncan Field Tour stop #4 Ruggles' Battery Tour Stop #5 Shiloh Church Tour Stop #6 Rhea Field Tour Stop #7 Fraley Field Tour Stop #8 Confederates Gain Ground Tour Stop #9 Invasion of the Union Camps Tour Stop # ? 16th WI Vol Inf Tour Stop #10 Hornets' Nest Tour Stop # ? Wisconsin Monument Tour Stop #11 Shiloh's Casualties Tour Stop #12 Jones Field This one is between Tour Stop #12 and #13 Tour Stop #13 Water Oaks Pond Tour Stop #14 Field Hospital Tour Stop #15 Death of General Johnston Tour Stop #16 The Peach Orchard Tour Stop #17 Bloody Pond Tour Stop #18 Dill Branch Ravin Tour Stop #19 Grant's Left Flank Tour Stop #20 Pittsburg Landing And the National Cemetery:
  22. Color Bearer

  23. WI Monument

    Just fine, as far as I ever heard. I've reports of the storm damage and never heard of anything done to it. I think most of the damage was near the Visitor Center area. Jim
  24. Dang good thing ya posted this Bruce. The NPS 's Shiloh web site's schedule section has been down for the last two days! Jim
  25. Shiloh Battlefield Tour

    When they started the new signs, I decided to wait until they were all done and get pictures all at once (Yeah, right, I'm such a great photographer, I had to go back for two reshoots!). I was waiting to find out what this was going to be: When I was there last week, there was a big, green, ugly metal box there and I thought it was an electrical junction box. Wrong! So then when I was at Tour Stop#7 with Jeani Cantrell I noticed this down in Fraley Field: And then when I was in the National Cemetery I found this: They've hid em all over the Park, I guess. Jim