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  1. I came to the troop numbers I posted from:

    The Shiloh Campaign. by Martin

    The OR and Battles and Leaders

    I took the starting numbers from around the time of Belmont and mill springs and PGT and Floyds Brigade from VA.... and what was at the forts... than I took the regiments and brigades that went to reinforce donelson.. and adjusted the numbers.. Finally after the fall of Donelson you have something like 12-14 thousand prisoners but only 7000 being reported to have been transported away.. so taking Braggs numbers he brought from FL,AL, LA, I subtracted it from the total at Shiloh.. and got Johnstons original numbers... I took that number and subtracted each Individual location Columbus, bowling green, Cumberland gap.. and the difference was what i assume actually escaped donelson..


    If you have any links you can share about OOB or any troop numbers I'd love to see them... 

    Thanks have a good day...


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