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  1. The View at 100

    The billboard in the parking lot in front of the VC has a notice that drones are prohibited.
  2. Axe about Abatis

    Stan, "cutting down numerous trees and letting them fall helter skelter would effectively break up advancing lines of battle". Kinda sounds like Fallen Timbers, doncha think? Except, I believe nature did the felling at fallen timbers. Jim
  3. Bragg's Letter of April 8

    The man's name sure does describe him. Too bad he was the only good man in the Reb army, else they would have won in a cake walk.
  4. Bait and Switch

    Buell suffered an ailment of many early war officers. Over inflated ego and a belief they were the only one capable of command.
  5. Missing Cavalry?

    "I don't know if the park sells the Shiloh OR's" The Shiloh bookstore will order just about anything in print that you wish. Very friendly and helpful people there.
  6. Missing Cavalry?

    I have a CD of the OR that was rather inexpensive. It is no longer available, but: https://www.amazon.com/Civil-War-CD-Rom-Official-Rebellion/dp/0763900001

    Tom, "Yeah! The 14th, 16th, and 18th Wisconsin-- they won the Battle of Shiloh single-handed you know!!" Not only did the 16th win the battle, they won the war! Jim

    Welcome Tom. It's always good to have as many cheeseheads on here as possible. Jim
  9. Epic Hike 2018 Suggestions

    " You are joking...we would all be forever banned " Actually, Doc, all Y'all would most likely be in jail! I believe there are Federal laws about the theft of property.
  10. Wisconsin photos vis-à-vis Shiloh

    Yup. I thought you knew about it so I never mentioned it. Spent many a hour on the fourth floor archive. When Mona visited WI, I was going to take her there, but they had changed the hours and were closed on the Monday when we got there. Fortunately, I'd made my acquaintance with the powers that be and got Mona a private tour in the closed museum. The display in the picture is of the cornfield at Antietam.
  11. Crisis at the Crossroads hike (video)

    Video bandits?
  12. Crisis at the Crossroads hike (video)

    All I get is This video is unavailable.
  13. Three huzzahs for Tony and Three for Bjorn.
  14. Shiloh from the air

    Ozzy, it is 6:30 AM. The temp is 43 deg. The humidity is 66% already!
  15. Shiloh from the air

    Ozzy, " (clear air, less than 30% humidity.)" This part of the world NEVER has less than 30% humidity!