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  1. There is no mud here. Just this clay like brown stuff that you don't even have to step in. It jumps up on you as your walking by. Jim
  2. Shiloh has gotten it's fair share of rain. Lotsa standing water. Good reason to dig a trench around your camp: The Bloody Pond has gotten a little larger: Dill Branch is now Dill Lake: The bouy marker that was south of where Dill entered the Tenn. River moved a few hundred yards north: Notice the tree in the middle of the river moving past the Landing: Tilghman Branch isn't too bad: Likewise Shiloh Branch: As I was taking this picture at Shiloh Branch, it occurred to me that the water was flowing west. It would then go northwest to Owl Creek, turn north to Snake Creek, where it will head east and then south into the Tenn. River, where it will turn back north to the Ohio River. From there it's west to the Mississippi and south to the Gulf. Of course, a week of warm rain and then a day of 70 degrees will send Mother Nature into a frenzy of glory: Jim
  3. Here is an interesting piece from the article: Closely adjoining this cemetery of our dead comrades lies a cemetery of Federal dead, and we are informed that for many years it has been the custom on Decoration day to hold memorial exercises in the open spaces between these two burial spots, and at their conclusion to decorate the graves of Federal and Confederate dead alike. For this beautiful and touching tribute accorded by Union soldiers to their one-time foemen we tender our full-hearted acknowledgments, and say to them that they have, by their kindly remembrance of our comrades, given a fresh illustration to the saying of the ancient Tusculan that: "Whoever is brave should be a man of great soul." I belong to the Henry Hardin Camp #2 SUVCW. It is based in Madison, WI. Every Memorial day we have a ceremony at Union Rest at Forest Hill Cemetery. Afterwards, we move to Confederate Rest where we join the 2 Madison members of the SCV for their ceremony. I had an interesting experience there one year. There is usually about an hour or so between the ceremonies and I happened upon the 2 Rebs putting little Rebel battle flags on the graves while trying to ignore a "blue hair' who was giving them grieve about the flags. It became my distinct pleasure to put this woman in her place and I we had the satisfaction of watching her storm off threatening me with the police. Sometimes only a Yankee can put another Yank in their place. The two Southern gents seemed to appreciate my efforts, probably due to the fact they felt limited as to how they could respond. Jim
  4. You're welcome Laura. I believe I know how thrilling finding this is to you. I know that when I find even a little scrap of info on the 16th Wi I get a tingle all the way to my toes. Glad to be of assistance. Jim
  5. Actually, Larry forced (He twisted my arm, I swear!) me to go to the local watering hole Wed. evening and I bought the first round on you, so you now owe me two beers. The house is just to my right and Larry is standing in the front yard of the new house in the pic. It was the war time house that was moved across the street. Jim
  6. Larry DeBerry of Shiloh Tours (731-926-0360) was kind enough to take me this afternoon to the place where, some 40 years ago, he was told where the farmhouse sat, where Chambers Store Road meets Michie Pebble Hill Rd. (Hy 224). Yahoo maps: https://maps.yahoo.com/place/?lat=35.0994938518323&lon=-88.42364430427551&q=38376&t=h&bb=35.10096852%2C-88.4267047%2C35.09801916%2C-88.4205839&addr=38376 The farmhouse is in front of the house at the top of the map. The farmhouse sat on top of this hill, in front of where the modern house sits now. Looking around, I can see by the terrain where the two ridges the roads ran that met here are. Here is Larry standing about where the house stood: Somewhere around the 1960's the house was moved acrross Hy 224 to this little hill: For anyone interested, this sits on the property: Jim
  7. At 8:30AM on the 6th, the left of Gladden's Brigade was engaged with the 16th WI. Perhaps my Grandfather put one in his pocket. Jim
  8. WI16thJim


    Michele, I preferred to be seated when drinking beer so I can give it the proper attention it deserves! This also leaves the cane hand free for snacks. Jim
  9. Ozzy, I will attempt to have a local show me the site and take some pictures in the near future (unless I forget!). Jim
  10. WI16thJim


    Shiloh really doesn't have "mud" as such. They have this strange clay that you don't even have to touch, it just jumps right up onto your boots and pant legs. Getting rid of it is also very interesting. During one of the reenactments during the 150th, my cane got a large knob of the stuff built up on the end. I spent a 1/2 hour at the landing, alternating between sticking the cane in the water and then beating it on a rock. I believe one could make bricks out of the stuff without any straw at all! Jim
  11. Yes, Belle, it is a controlled burn in an effort to rid the floor of leaves and things that prevent new growth, especially hardwoods. It also helps to rid the woods of invasive species. Jim
  12. Interesting day on the park. Jim
  13. WI16thJim

    Relic hunting

    Mike McGee was here at The Bivouac recently with his metal detector. Watching him hunt and dig was a blast and I even learned a little. The 1st thing he found was a 36 caliber pistol ball, which he graciously gave to me. He also found a complete Burnside cartridge and an artillery hammer. Mike, you are welcome to come back anytime you you wish! Jim
  14. Yes, Shiloh has a guest book in the visitor center. Jim
  15. Ozzy, there are two Shiloh churches. One is a reproduction of the original log church and the other is a modern, in use, Methodist church. The meetings are held in the basement. I've never seemed to have any acoustic problems when speaking. Jim
  16. Oz, it's a picture, so it probably won't unfreeze. As for questions, I left the most controversial parts out and mainly just had comments on the fact that the 16th spent three hours, 11 AM until 2 PM, resupplying, and then went to aid Hurlbut instead of rejoining Prentiss. I didn't go into the fact that this is my main evidence that Col. Allen wasn't impressed with Prentiss military abilities. Jim
  17. WI16thJim

    A Great Honor

    I was given the great honor Thursday evening of giving a talk to the Shiloh chapter of the Sons of Confederate Veterans at Shiloh Church on my two favorite subjects, my grandfather John Oates and the 16th WI Regiment. A large thank you to the SCV for the invitation and the warm welcome. Southern hospitality is not only alive and well in West TN, it is thriving! Jim
  18. From the Washington Post: http://www.washingtonpost.com/news/house-divided/wp/2014/12/25/new-years-resolution-no-more-running-over-battlefield-monuments-sitting-on-cannons-or-leavings-coins-for-good-luck/?tid=hpModule_9d3add6c-8a79-11e2-98d9-3012c1cd8d1e&hpid=z10 By Linda Wheeler The battlefield monuments at Gettysburg have seen it all: cars plowing into them, kids climbing all over them, lightning and tree limbs knocking them off base and wind blowing them over. However, the battlefield’s crack repair team put them all back together and, in honor of its work, was given a National Park Service award this month. Not much can be done about careless drivers or the weather, but overly enthusiastic visitors have endangered themselves and the cannons by posing for pictures atop the guns, leaving coins behind that will eventually discolor the headstone or memorial and rubbing the nose of Col. Patrick O’Rourke’s mount until it glows. So the staff at Gettysburg National Military Park have issued a plea to visitors: make 2015 a better year for the battlefield’s 1,300 monuments, memorials and markers as well as 400 Civil War-era cannons by “treating these ‘Silent Sentinels’ gently and become our partners in protecting and honoring the monuments to the men who fought at Gettysburg.” Jim PS This also applies to all of our great Parks, including Shiloh.
  19. I have no idea if these men transferred Oz. I have found where 2 men transferred from the 16th to Munich's 1st MN Battery, which fought with or next to the 16th from Shiloh thru most of the war. Jim
  20. I have a searchable CD that also contains Dyer's Compendium of the War, Fox's Regimental losses and A Guide Index to the OR. I went looking for an updated version recently @ Guild Press of Indiana, Inc., but it is no longer available. To use it I have to fire up my laptop, which has Windows XP on it. Research on it is easy, as you just type in the search object, which I suppose everyone puts in "16th WI Regiment", as I often have. Jim
  21. Thanks Oz. Dave has an extensive file on William Greene. He has spent countless hours in the WI Historical Society's archives. He and his wife have also donated a large amount of material to the archives about William. Jim
  22. Dave Payne is researching his wife's ancestor, who was a Lt. in Company D, 16th WI at Shiloh: Series1150A326.pdf William was promoted following Shiloh for his bravery during the battle. Jim
  23. Way to go Mike. Definitely time to order a calender! Jim
  24. Mike, I wish I was half as "stupid" with a camera as you are! That would be about a 500 percent improvement for me! Jim
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